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How Meagan Faye Makes Money Traveling the World

If it sounds too good to be true, it might be! However, in this case, Meagan Faye really is making money while traveling the world. In fact, traveling is part of her full-time job as a fashion & travel influencer. Meagan travels from destination to destination, partnering with everything from tourism boards and hotel groups to some of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands. You might think she makes most of her money from sponsorships, but you would be surprised to see some of the other sources she has come up with! 

Instagram Sponsorships As a Main Source of Income

Of course, the number one way most influencers and social celebrities make money is through sponsorships. In the case of YouTube, some creators may also earn an income with the help of Adsense. However, Instagram has yet to roll out a monetization feature for its own creators. Therefore all of the ads you see on Meagan’s Instagram count towards her income.

Supplementing Income with Affiliate Sales 

Affiliate sales are the second source of income for most influencers on social media. In some cases, affiliate sales may even overshadow some sponsorships or ad money for some folks. In Meagan’s case, it’s merely a supplement. She uses apps like the Shopstyle Collective and Rewardstyle to earn a revenue on her Instagram, blog and her YouTube channel. These platforms allow Meagan to provide create unique links to products featured in her content. In turn, this allows her to make a commission off any sales generated from the items featured in her posts. 

Social Media Consulting on the Side

With a background in Project Management, Meagan sometimes supplements her income with the occasional consulting gig. Usually, these opportunities are centered around campaign strategy, marketing strategy, or content creation. Being a hands-on influencer while working with many of the world’s most prestigious brands have also provided Meagan with valuable strategies and case studies that she loves to share with her clients. She has even helped implement e-commerce strategies for local brands in her city. In turn, she charges them a fee for her time. 

Freelance Photography & Videography while Traveling

Most tourism boards or hotel groups are constantly on the hunt for organic promotion, and content for use on their websites and marketing materials. In addition to free accommodation, Meagan often gets compensated for photography and content specifically for her brand partners. These photos are purely for their use on their marketing materials and are separate from the content that she promotes on her Instagram. If a brand likes a post she creates on her Instagram, they can also license her photo for a fee so that they are then free to use it on their promotional materials. Brands often prefer this because it can be more cost-effective than hiring photographers every week. After all, content is king! 

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