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stellapyles Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger (The Stella Files)
12d Lynchburg, VA, United States Story
How It Felt to Lose My Spark

I have just recently finished my first semester of college, EVER! When I think about this milestone, I have two very conflicting emotions/thoughts: 

1) I can't believe I've come this far already!

2) I have only just begun, and I have so much longer to go!

I walked into my first semester feeling excited, motivated, and ready to tackle my campus. In retrospect, I think my lack of fear and nerves was an issue. The impact of college hit me way harder than I ever thought it would, and it totally snuck up on me. Everything that I thought that I had planned out so perfectly changed, and when it did, I didn't know how to snap back from it and keep going. Trying to keep up with the brand new social constructs of a brand new university campus, trying to acclimate to a new school schedule, and recovering from it all on weekends left me feeling drained, depressed, and anxious. Now, I know I can't be the only one who has been there. College is hard on its own, but going into it with a false sense of flexibility is even more grueling. 

Have no fear, lil mama's! This story has a happy ending. Something has totally come over me, maybe it's feeling acclimated and at-home on campus, maybe it's my new knowledge and skillset for handling life when it gets absolutely nuts, whatever it is, I'm feeling rejuvinated, motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle second semester with an amazing and really strong Mogul team. 

There is MUCH to come this semester, so stay tuned!


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1 comment

  • Danica
    8d ago

    Stella you could never lose your spark!

    Stella you could never lose your spark!

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Report this post
Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger (The Stella Files)

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