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How Does Your Boardroom Furniture Reflect Your Business?

The boardroom. The place where business deals are won or lost, where important ideas are discussed and where client pitches are made. As one of the most important areas of your office, how you utilise it can be extremely telling about your business. Everything, from your choice of table to the colour scheme, speaks about your values, ambitions and company culture.

Ever wondered what your boardroom furniture says about your business?

Does it reflect your brand image?

Your boardroom can play an important role in promoting your brand. If the décor is generic, shabby or inconsistent, you’re at risk of sending out the wrong message and damaging your reputation. Remember that this space is where clients and visitors will form their first impressions of you, so it’s important that the room clearly defines who you are as a business.

To create a solid image that is instantly recognisable, the interior of the space should reflect your persona. If you’re a more traditional business, people will expect to see a classic timber table with leather chairs and a more traditional décor. This can also help to instil a sense of unity amongst your employees, making them feel more engaged with their role.

Are you showing your success?

No matter how successful your business is, if your boardroom doesn’t show off these accomplishments you’re completely missing the mark. Everything in it should ooze a sense of success and professionalism. A room that looks shabby or has poor quality furniture will reflect badly on your business, giving the impression that you’re careless and/or unprofessional.

This is why it’s essential to ensure that boardroom furniture and fittings are up to scratch. This space is also perfect for displaying awards, certificates and other achievements – this will demonstrate to visitors and employees alike that you mean business. From a trophy cabinet to framed certificates, showing off your accomplishments is a great way to instil pride in your business.

What does it say about your work ethic?

The layout and design of your boardroom says a lot about your businesses’ attitude towards work. A creative business, for example, might choose to break away from the more traditional setup with more playful designs and vibrant colour schemes. This says that they have a fun, high energy and casual approach. Not the approach you would take if you want to be viewed as an authority.

Even your choice of table and office chairs can be indicative of how you like to do business – a round table with matching chairs, for example, creates more of a relaxed environment with a sense of equality and collaboration. A rectangular table, on the other hand, offers more of a formal structure with a clear hierarchy (the person at the head is in charge).

So, is it time to update your boardroom furniture or is it sending the right message?

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