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Don Ressler
Don Ressler Co-Founder of Fabletics
1mo Los Angeles, CA, United States Story
How Do You Build Awareness For A New Brand

You need brand awareness for your business to grow. Example of in cases where brand awareness has taken over the generic name of products includes cola where people can refer to coke when ordering the drink. There are many cases where people refer to a brand instead of a generic name. If you can start a line of product and make people know about it to an extent where they will associate the given product to your brand, then you strand a better chance of beating your competition. Here are some of the ways you can create brand awareness:

Local Partnerships

There are local businesses which have great brand awareness in your area of operation. You can partner with such businesses for you to support the community in different ways. The partnership will expose your business which is necessary in growing your popularity.

Car Wraps

You use your company car for several errands. The place where your car will pass people will read the wraps you have on the car. You can use the car wraps for you to achieve great success in making people know more about your company. You can use your private car as well as your company car.


People love free stuffs. You can put your company name and logo on items such as pens, koozies among other items and give them out for free to potential customers. They will use them at their home or offices and other people will get to read the message on the items.

Social Media Contests

You can run a social media contest where contestants will have to compete based on shares and votes they get by doing a given job. For example, they can design a logo and other social media users will vote for them. The contestants will share the links widely so that they can get more votes. As many people get the links and vote, they will get to know more about your business.

Referral Programs

The programs rely on word of mouth to make other people know about a business. For example, during the launch of Dropbox, there was an offer where users were offered free 500MB of storage if they refer a new member. The strategy worked well in creating awareness for the brand because people are interested in making others know about the brand for them to benefit from the rewards.

Impressive Guest Content

Content will make people searching for information online know about your brand. You don’t have to write a generic content and share. Research and write a detailed piece which can answer several questions in the industry and share on other peoples blogs in the industry. The content will generate traffic to your website which will lead to brand awareness.


It is a powerful way for you to display statistics and data on your website. Info-graphics can generate thousands of social shares which can contribute to making people know more about your brand.

Freemium with Credit

You can design a product such as a logo making business. For you to make it popular, you can have different versions. There will be one with a watermark or a credit line which can make people know you were the one behind the design. People can pay for the services for the watermark and your logo to be removed. There are people looking for free services online and they will end up using the one with your logo. The logo will make more people know about your services.

LinkedIn Publishing

Many professionals use LinkedIn. You can post on LinkedIn and many people will get to know about your company. If you share useful content which many people will engage, it can get on the homepage of LinkedIn which will attract more attention to your company website.

Pro Story Telling

You can come up with a real life or even fictional story which can connect your company to a given event. Try to make the story as emotional as possible and it will create brand awareness for your business.


You can start your industry podcast and interview industry leaders in your field. If you interview experts, other people will be interested in your company due to the tips they will get from the podcasts. Other tips you can employ to grow your brand awareness include PPC Advertising, Paid Social Advertising among others.

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Don Ressler
Co-Founder of Fabletics

In 2014, Don Ressler was behind the $85 million funding round. Don Ressler is recognized by many of his peers as an online space and e-commerce pioneer. In addition to the above companies, Don Ressler has also co-founded Hydroderm skincare brand and TechStyle Fashion Group. At TechStyle Fashion [...]

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