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How Decreased Immigrant Staff May Impact Hospitals

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Most developed western countries which host people from several different countries are full of diversity. There are many people who live and carry out their lives, aiming for achieving their dream, despite not being born in that specific country. So it seems only fitting, that a person with knowledge and understanding of different languages would be an added bonus to the job requirement. A person knowing their regional language along with English and the language they chose to study in their high school would benefit in communicating with other people of the same background. There are multiple people, who cannot address their problems with the doctor as there are language barriers in between them. This takes up the doctor’s and the patient’s unnecessary time.

With the hospitals about to hire more people soon for their residency position along due to the hiring to the “match day,” there is considerable pressure on hospitals. Students from medical background list the number of hospitals they would like to work for, whereas the hospitals select the students they are willing to take in. A nonprofit organization, with the help of an algorithm, then scrutinizes these lists and presents them on “match day”. This then tells the students which hospitals they would be working in. However, due to the ongoing issue over some country citizens being denied entry from the U.S and the number of banned countries expected to rise, hospitals are inclined to reject the students based on their country even if they statistically qualify to be hired as the hospital employee.

Due to the ongoing influx of people coming into foreign countries, whether trying to escape deplorable conditions or trying to make a good life, there are more people coming for treatments whose first language is not English. Yet, instead of moving upwards and strengthening our medical facilities, the hospitals in America run the risk of having immigrants be sent off, irrespective of the fact that they are qualified to be a doctor. Enactment of this scenario would mean lesser doctors and fewer number of caretakers would mean more waiting time for the patients.

At this moment, there are a total of 15,000 doctors who are working in the United States who have backgrounds from the banned countries. Yet, even the ones who may hold passports to those countries instead of being native citizens, there may be targeted as well which could inflate the number by a lot. Despite this, as much as 1000 new residents from those countries had applied to be given the opportunity of working in a U.S hospital. Most of the hospitals have although opposed the idea of a travel ban, but from a business point of view, there can be no denying, that if the ban becomes more restricted then the hospital may face some financial downfalls if any staff member is suddenly deported. This problem has become the main concern of many people working in the medical field and led them to put home countries of the students applying as the criteria of their employment.

It’s not just the urban areas that will be affected by the shortage of doctors, the rural areas will be the ones who will be hit by it the most. This is because most people who had migrated illegally, but had knowledge of medical stuff, were then transferred to areas in the USA where there was a scarcity of medical staff. One such example is of Maine, here the caregivers have knowledge of the medical field, but they do not fulfill the requirements for holding a professional position such as a surgeon or a physician. Instead, they are allowed to become EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) through a small course. They are able to provide services to the patients in the ambulance and operate the instruments vital to their survival. These people with further knowledge could be also prepared to work in elderly homecare centers after getting proper licenses for the immigrants or could work as nurses if they were provided a suitable opportunity. Yet, certain circumstances are presenting a completely opposite picture for these people and many fear deportations.

Doctors and medical staff are a huge part of any nation. They provide the backbone to the country in keeping it healthy and functional. It is up to the administration that they realize the true intensity of their decisions and rethink their strategy by allowing different countrymen to serve as doctors. This will not only benefit the people who are working but also be a good step towards improving the health of American citizens.

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