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How Brodie Kern Went from a Deadbeat 21 Year Old Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol to Building a 6 Figure Business

Once you’re seriously addicted to something that is bad for you, it is extremely hard to kick the addiction. Most of the time it takes a near death experience to make you realize that you need help, but that’s not always the case. Studies show that 88,000 people die every year in the U.S from the use of alcohol.

Brodie Kern has experienced what it is like to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. He’s always had this very all or nothing mindset, there was never any gray area. This obsessive nature showed up in every area of his life, sports, video games, whatever. Brodie said the word “moderation” started being mentioned to him from a very young age, from parents, friends, and even their parents but never really understood the concept.

Once he hit college he stopped playing sports. Started with drugs at 13, moved to hard drugs at 16 and then it really picked up by the time he was 18. This obsessive nature naturally transferred into the partying, it was fast paced, stimulating, and right up his alley.

By the time Kern was 21 he was in and out of the hospital constantly. He explains “I remember there was this week that I was 21 and I ended up in the hospital 3 times that week from an overdose and I went to rehab after that”. That decision truly changed the direction of his life for the better.

Analyze What’s Holding You Back & Attack That 

Kern knew that he had hit rock bottom because of those 3 hospital visits in one week, so he did something about it. Once he got done with rehab he turned to the business world, Kern became a motivational speaker and helps other people with addiction. He looked for an arena where obsession was more or less acceptable. Entrepreneurship was where he landed. His neurotic and rebellious nature made him incapable of working for anyone else. Also, he now owns Bravado Marketing and The Brodie Kern Group. The Brodie Kern Group is a solid Real Estate business and Bravado does a good amount of telecom outsourcing. 

During his sobriety he had become an expert in personal development and self optimization. Kerns Wake Up Wealthy program is how he teaches others his knowledge in those areas. During that long rehab journey, Kern figured out that he gets that completion feeling from helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and take their lives to the next level. No matter what it is, if you realize someone or something is holding you back then you have to let go of it. 

Surround Yourself with The Right Crowd 

There is a thing called “The rub off effect” which is when someone around you is lazy or unproductive then you will be too. While Kern was in college the people around him were doing the same drugs he was so they didn’t help him. Being around anything for too long with the wrong people will bring that effect on you. That’s why environment is so important - surround yourself with those who won’t put you in those situations. 

After rehab he knew he had to surround himself with family and friends who cared about him and wanted to see him succeed. If he had gone back to the same friends then he would have relapsed or maybe even died. Kern states “Who you surround yourself with is one of the most important things you can be purposeful about”. Once he got into the business space he connected with motivated people who wanted to succeed like himself so it pushed him to work hard.

Be Resourceful 

It’s very important that you use all the available resources around you so that you can succeed and overcome anything. Kern believes that if you do suffer from an addiction that you need to go to the nearest AA meeting as soon as possible. Don’t make any excuses, just do it because it will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Kern had help from his rehab and family to overcome his addiction. Now he can say that he is more than 2 years sober and owns multiple 6 figure businesses. While being addicted, Kern had zero work ethic but after sobriety he regained his drive to work and succeed. We’re not saying that drugs or alcohol is the reason people can’t succeed. But when it’s damaging to your life - you need to man up, look yourself hard in the mirror and take the necessary steps to make sure your life doesn’t stay that way.

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  • Suzie
    8mo ago San Francisco, CA, United States

    Interesting story!

    Interesting story!

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