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How Alonzo Arnold Went From High School Dropout To Now Making Wigs For Cardi B, Keke Palmer, Porsha Williams and Several Others

There is no doubt that having a talent is a gift. But more than often, the truest gift is utilizing that talent to work hard in achieving the goals you set for yourself. Despite the circumstances or the setbacks, it’s from the willingness to work hard that success is ultimately reached. Alonzo Arnold has taken his talent and has worked hard to build his hairstyling empire. As a talented artists and passionate hairstylist, Arnold is redefining the journey of success.

Although a high school dropout, Alonzo Arnold did not let that determine where his future was headed. He was smart and he had all the necessary resources to achieve higher education, but his passion led him elsewhere. He believed that school just wasn’t for him and his calling was not fit into reading books. It was his love for hair styling that he found his talent in hair and made it into the career he has today. Now, Arnold specializes in beautifying hair extensions with the most natural look and celebrities are all in for it.

Don’t Let Others Define You

Shortly after dropping out of high school his family told Arnold he was never going to amount to anything, let alone find his way in this world. He knew that while his own family didn’t believe in him, he has to prove them wrong. Arnold has to believe in himself and not let what others thought of him determine where he was headed. While his lack of higher education seemed as a negative move to others, he didn’t let that define who he was. But rather, he found in hair a love and passion that opened the door to endless opportunities.

While Alonzo Arnold believes education is everything, he also believes that everyone is blessed with a talent and his just happened to be a unique interest in hair styling. His unique personality has also contributed to his ability to generate a huge fan base across the world. Arnold has worked hard to ensure that he is creating and delivering the best hair styling results to his customers. He has made a successful career from it and his hair empire is just getting started.

Always Post Your Work, Personality is Everything

Alonzo Arnold has had the opportunity to work with many celebrities including Cardi B, Keke Palmer, and Porsha Williams, among others. From on set styling to creating custom masterpieces, Arnold has gained significant recognition for his work. One of the reasons he has gained such a huge fan base around the world is because he has always posted his work. Arnold believes that posting your work is key for others to see your growth and determination. Your followers and prospective clients can see the passion and drive that you have for doing hair.

Social media has the power of bringing people together and connecting influencers and celebrities to local artists. Through again, Arnold’s unique personality, he has created a familiarity of his work and how he goes about creating his masterpieces. Through every post, he is not only showing his work, but he is showing others how relatable he is. Because you never know will like or see your post, the opportunities for collaborations are incredibly huge. Some of his celebrity clientele just love him for a good talk and they end up walking out looking fabulous.

The Perfect Lace, The Perfect Wig

Alonzo Arnold loves what he is able to do with hair. Through his travels, he has met and networked with people all around the world. He has also made a difference in the lives of others. Arnold has had clients who suffer from auto immune diseases that make them lose their hair. But that is when Arnold comes in and is able to boost an immediate confidence in them. He is able to make his wigs look as natural as possible. Her secret? She says it is all in finding the perfect lace.

 Building his hair empire has been a continuous effort to style wigs to look real. As a hair expert, she knows that a perfect lace with mean that the wig will have the quality needed to make the wig look real and completely natural. He believes that the lace is the most easiest to blend and work with as her wigs are selected from the finest human hair. Alonzo Arnold aims to satisfy his customers with wigs that are low maintenance but that are changing the way they feel and look. He has worked with some of his biggest inspirations and has built amazing connections. He is redefining the way success is ultimately reached and his clients are loving it, one wig at a time!

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