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Zainab Chhatriwala
Zainab Chhatriwala Creative Writer, Serial Doodler and Travel Lover
10d Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Story
How a tissue paper plan saved our trip...

When we are drawing something, we generally start with the basic silhouette in the form of lines and curves. It is the most rudimentary version of what we are trying to achieve on paper. This is called 'line art'.

One thing I have come to realize and respect is that line art is your best friend. Be it drawing or simply living your life. It always has your back.

Most recently I went on my first trip of 2018 with two of my closest friends. We had decided to go out for the long weekend of 26th January, 2018, which was the Republic Day of India. We planned on visiting a city not that far away from our own. It was the city of Pune.

Even though the destination was just hours away, we started with our planning in December 2017 itself. (P.S. the cover picture states January 2017 instead of January 2018) All 3 of us sat together on a Saturday afternoon and planned everything to the 'T'. The hotel, the tickets, the itinerary, etc. was all in place a month before the fated weekend.

Many of our friends thought it was a little crazy as to how far we had planned considering it was just another city a few hours away. But we were prepared just in case. And, thank God we were.

Just a day before we were suppose to leave, I happened to sprain my right foot. The injury looked bad. If that wasn't enough, my folks were completely against me making the trip due to the injury. I still fought my way through and left for the station to meet my 2 amigos. It so happens that I forgot to take half my luggage from mum as I boarded the train. So, it was just chaos through and through for me.

Luckily, I knew this was only till I met my friends. Cause once we started with our Pune journey everything would be fine. Because we had a plan. Our line art was perfectly in place. It was the fact that we had managed to figure everything out way ahead in time, that helped us further in improvising. My injury did not affect us much because we already had everything else figured out. We just needed to make sure that I did not put too much strain on my injury. And the things I had left in my other bag back home were bought and I was sorted.

This incident thought me the importance of having a plan. Cause once you have the line art in place, filling in the other details becomes that much more easy.

Happy Planning! 😊

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Report this post
Zainab Chhatriwala
Creative Writer, Serial Doodler and Travel Lover

A Commerce Grad whose love for writing got the better of her...

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