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How a 28 Year Old Used Science to Disrupt the Strength Industry & Attract Elite NBA Players

If someone like MVP James Harden is coming to you for your training program, odds are that your program is the real deal, and odds are that you probably have what it takes to improve such an elite athlete's endurance and strength.

Eight years ago, Paul Fabritz was applying for internships with every NBA team only to be rejected by all of them. Today, Paul is known as one of the top independent NBA strength coaches in the industry. With a client roster of MVP James Harden and top center Joel Embiid, it has become a no-brainer that numerous players are now coming to him for his off-season training. Fabritz’ clients have called him “the Moneyball of strength and conditioning” for his data driven approach to training. In college, Fabritz taught himself how to utilize advanced technology such as force plates, motion tracking and EMG to assess human performance. Eight years later that knowledge has become the staple of his program and has helped develop NBA players at the highest level.

Obsession Eventually Leads to Possession 

Fabritz credits his success to his love and passion for basketball. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge of basketball when training clients at all levels. After being denied from team after team, Fabritz continued his journey and finally landed big clients like James Harden and Joel Embiid. Naturally, the word got out on who was training those NBA stars and his business took off.

Nobody had to question who he was or what he did because he worked extremely hard and continued to get back up after being rejected by large teams repeatedly. He made a name for himself on his own with grit and determination and no one could take that away from him.

Using the Future to Train Better

Fabritz knew once he learned how to utilize and become an expert in the advanced technology that he uses today that he would be able to help athletes maximize their athletic & genetic potential. With technology such as Motion Tracking, Force Plates and more, he can assess player’s weaknesses and bad habits so he can fix them. Conversely, he can also determine their strengths and dive into building up certain parts of their body that are already operating at an elite level. Fabritz uses this information daily to tailor his approach to his program design as his client’s progress through training.

He approaches all aspects of training from Vertical Jump to Nutrition and Recovery, ensuring that no corners are cut when it comes to training his clients.

Not only does Fabritz work with the best NBA players, but he also trains a wide array of athletes ranging from WNBA players, professional volleyball players, college players and more! His Instagram shows the rigorous training his athletes go through in order to improve their game.

From constantly being rejected, to being the top independent NBA strength coach in the world, Fabritz works extremely hard every day to make sure it stays that way. Constantly expanding and learning new ways to train, Fabritz’ client list keeps on growing. Fabritz even has an online program to increase your vertical 6-15 inches while improving multi directional explosiveness and speed. The program also works on mobility, flexibility, strength, and quickness.

Fabritz knew had had learned and developed something special and wanted to share it with the world. He himself had improved his vertical and strength and was a proven testimony that his program design worked. Not long after, Fabritz opened his own facility to dedicate his life to ensuring that all athletes have access to the highest level of training and the knowledge needed to sustain their careers long-term!

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