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Rachel Ombok
Rachel Ombok Writer for Sauquoit Valley HS Hub.
2y New York Story
Headgum: A Podcast network you should get behind

Let me introduce you to Headgum, your new favorite, inclusive podcast network. 

Headgum was formed by Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld and Marty Michael in 2015, after Jake & Amir left CollegeHumor. They first added their own podcast to it, If I Were You, and advice podcast they host weekly, I gave a review of their podcast on my blog. 

Over the past two years of adding podcasts and new hosts to their network, and expanding their brand, Headgum has become an inclusive and diverse network for all audiences.

Podcasts span topics about relationships, sex, real life problems, and pop culture news. I’m gonna cover all the different podcasts that are under the Headgum name.

If I Were You - Personally my favorite podcast on the network, I am a long time fan of Jake and Amir’s content, and their advice podcast is just an extension of their off color humor. They release weekly, and sometimes include bonus episodes on Thursdays. They are very in tune and responsive with their audience. If you need a new podcast to listen to I definitely reccomend this one.

Black Girl Nerds - One of the really informative podcasts on Headgum, a podcast dedicated to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. I personally love this podcast because I’ve been following BGN brand for a couple months now and I really like their content.

8 - Bit Book Club - A podcast by 3 of CollegeHumor’s best employees, 8-Bit Book Club talks about video game novels and reviews them cover to cover. It’s very entertaining and different.

Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood - Similar to BGT, this podcast is centered around how black people are treated and portrayed in Hollywood films, and furthermore, how they’re movies affect the black community and it’s reputation.

Come Out, Come Out - I’ve never heard this one myself, but the concept of the podcast is one I wanted to include in this post. It is a podcast about coming out of the closet, and every week, the host invites a queer to talk about their experience with coming out. It can be funny, but also heartfelt.

Twinnovation - a shark tank- esque show, these 3 childhood best friends (two of which are twins) share their own invention and business ideas, and afterwards the others invalidate or support the idea. Definitely one of the most hilarious shows on the network, and is a Headgum classic.

Barely Friending - This show is very unique, which got me listening to it in the first place. The show is hosted by two people who used to date each other, and they kind of hate each other, but now they have a podcast. They talk about interesting stories, relationships and other topics. They’re dynamic is really interesting and is one of my faves.

There are even more podcasts on the network that I haven’t mentioned that also span other topics such as movies, food, T.V. shows, football and comedy. Not only does Headgum include an interesting and entertaining lineup of podcasts, but the company is also diverse and has many thinsg to offer to a lot of people. I there any podcast network you should get behind, it’s Headgum.

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Rachel Ombok
Writer for Sauquoit Valley HS Hub.

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