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ModelZe Embracing Change
8mo South Africa Story
Glowing Skin Over 50 DIY Lavender Oil

Using lavender as part of your life, in teas, vinegars and oils will greatly enhance your natural beauty and give you glowing skin.

In this video I show you how to make your own organic lavender oil from the lavenders growing in your garden and if you don’t have lavender you may consider investing in some plants, they are hardy and very easy to grow from cuttings.

What you need for this recipe to help you get glowing skin over fifty

  • A Bunch of freshly picked lavender as shown in the video

  • Big container of your favorite  oil

  • Three days for making the best oil for mature skin, to make the most of your lavender and oil.

Please follow the instructions in the video the oil must be heated to gentle bubbling, to extract the properties of lavender and keep all the properties and nutrients of the combination locked in.

How to use your Lavender Oil

  • Use it in a face scrub with Epsom salts, let it sit for five minutes rinse of with lukewarm water your skin will look awesome giving you that lovely glowing skin that you desire, repeat at least once a week and your skin tone will improve and tighten.

  • Use it with coarse sea salt as a body scrub before you shower, you will feel refreshed and your skin will look and feel young and beautiful

  • Use it as a tooth paste mixed with Epsom Salt, for health gums, sweet smelling breath, and lovely white teeth.

  • Mixing three table spoons of lavender oil, one egg, and a teaspoon of honey makes a great deep nourishing overnight hair mask, for big bouncy hair, that grows fast and that can withstand continuous coloring, lavender is one of the best friend any woman can have after fifty, to help you look and feel awesome.

  • Pour lavender oil into small bottles and give them to all your friends over fifty as exclusive gifts and some useful recipes, your mother and aunts will love you even more if they can be part of your lavender gang.

  • Use your lavender oil in salad dressings, over your warm porridge with some honey; add it to your home made juices to manage your blood sugar levels. The possibilities are endless with lavender oil for your overall youthfulness and maturing skin.

Enjoy pampering your skin in this lifetime it is the only one you have for now. This amazing oil will also counter act the effects of smoking if you share this habit with me relax and use your lavender oil.

Add it to the diet of your pets for healthy coats, gums, and intestines.

Explore with this amazing skin rejuvenating oil and let me know about your discoveries, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I will help to the best of my knowledge.

You may substitute fresh lavender with pure lavender essential oil, until you have your own mature lavender plants.

For more gift ideas, and easy to customize gifts, please visit my store; if you find this post helpful please share it with some  friends, lets grow beautiful together and allow the word old to vanish from our vocabulary.

Thank you for being here, enjoy a lovely day

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Embracing Change

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