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Jan Johnston Osburn
Jan Johnston Osburn Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities
6mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Five Fundamental Traits That Promote a Successful Mindset

You Can’t Measure Self-worth

Here’s the thing about success, you get to define what that means to you. Some may see success as jetting around the world and having a proper English breakfast in London, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Monaco. Others have a more simplistic view and feel successful being surrounded by loyal friends and family.

You can’t define success by the amount of money in your bank account or the number of miles you’ve traveled around the world. To put a monetary or quantitative value on something so distinct promotes a dangerous habit of trying to measure your self-worth.

What’s important is that you know how you personally define success but whatever metric you choose to use, there are common traits that cultivate a personal growth mindset that primes you for success.

They are:

  1. Not Being Anchored to the Past: You can’t move forward when you’re anchored in the land of lies and excuses. Your past is your most incredible resource in terms of life lessons but it also contains chains that keep you bound. Freedom comes when you break the chains that bind you and you make peace with the past so you can move onward.
  2. Being Authentic: In a society where so much emphasis is placed on artificial or superficial beings, people crave authenticity. The issue with authenticity is that many of us adopt an outward identity that differs from what we see at home. To be authentic is to honor who you are at your core because when our values are in alignment with our core, life is far less frustrating.
  3. Paying it Forward: There seems to be an endless supply of desolation and negativity in society. A simple scroll through our news or social media feeds can leave us emotionally drained. That’s why a “feel good” story brings a smile to our world. A simple random act of kindness ignites hope. Every day, we have countless engagements with the people around us. So why then, shouldn’t we be the one making a difference? Each interaction is an opportunity to make an impact.
  4. Not Caving to Social Approval: If you’re always living for others, you’ll never live for yourself. Think about how much time you’ll waste if you rely on the approval of others before you pursue you goals and desires.
  5. Not Having Bubble Trouble: Japanese author Haruki Murakami said, “ If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” Your bubble is the safety net around you. It feels good because there is no dissention. Sometimes you need that warm place that helps you feel secure but when you live in a constant bubble, you’ll never have diversity of thought which is necessary for growth and creativity. There are many paths to becoming an engaged being and they involve digging into your curiosity and your desire to understand the world in which you live.

Most successful people won’t describe success as a substantial achievement of affluence, fame or power. Rather, they express it as the ability to live an enriched and meaningful life – being able to make an impact while empowering others to do the same.

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Report this post
Jan Johnston Osburn
Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities

Johnston Osburn is a Career and Life Coach who helps people turn dreams into realities. After years as a Global Talent Acquisition Professional, she realized how frequently people limit themselves because they lack belief in their abilities. They are afraid to dream, let alone dream big. [...]

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