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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Background Checks

There are many reasons that an organization would want to conduct a background check on you when you apply for a job. Today, almost every organization does a background check to confirm if a person is clean and wasn't/isn't involved in any type of criminal activity. In fact, almost 70% of organizations today conduct background checks prior to hiring anyone.

Strict background checks are conducted by companies who are recruiting people for a more responsible designation such as an accountant or a position related to finance. Some even go for police checks in Montreal to be sure of a person’s background before hiring a new employee.

Here's everything that you need to know about pre-employment background checks:

What Is Examined In A Background Check?

The purpose of doing a background check on a person is to look into his/her past. 

A background check reviews a person’s financial records and criminal records and helps to find out if a person is clean from all kinds of fraudulent and violent activities.   

Why Do Companies Conduct Background Checks?

When companies post a job, they receive thousands of resumes, from which they select a few and schedule an interview with them. The candidates who pass the interview and are to join a company are requested for a background check. There are many reasons to do this.

  •  According to reports, around 40% of resumes that are received by a company contain false information regarding candidates. Therefore, a background check is conducted to ensure that all the information listed on the CVs are authentic and the person is really what he/she claims to be.  

  •  Another reason to do a background check before hiring someone is to make sure that they have completed their studies from the institution that they have listed. A background check helps to confirm that all the educational documents submitted by a candidate are real and not forged.  

  • A background check also verifies a candidate’s employment record. It is to make sure that a candidate has the kind of experience that he or she claims to have. Plus, it also helps find out a person’s work ethics. Moreover, these are important in specific jobs. For example, if you are hiring a driver, you would want to know if he has any DUI cases or rash driving cases etc.

  • Lastly, background checks help to find out the behavior of a person. Any violent history, criminal records or misdemeanours conducted will be checked. This is necessary because it is the reputation and security of an organization that is on the line when they appoint a new employee.  

There are many organizations that can help companies run such background checks. If you need to run one, make sure to get in touch with such an organization.


If you’re looking for a job then you need to realize that almost every organization will conduct a thorough background check on you. Therefore, make sure that all your documents are real and all the information you provide is authentic.


I am Maria McAvoy and i am highly acclaimed writer who has been writing passionately on different different things.

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