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Cantika Rustandi
Cantika Rustandi Word Player, Sentence Creator, Storyteller
10mo Netherlands Story
Don't Always Believe What They Post

How many of us here have exaggerated what we post on social media? How many of us have actually covered up the real truth behind a perfectly-filtered Instagram post or a well-edited Facebook post?

The truth is, we're all probably guilty of having posted a fake image on social media at least once in our lives. I know I sure have more times than I probably should have.

For me, it's hard to not give a rat's ass about what's taking place in other people's lives. Here I don't mean I like to pry into their business, but I do find a rather sick pleasure in seeing what new milestones they've accomplished in life. However, I often wonder if they are as happy as they make their posts out to be.

Welcome to my life. There is no wedding, baby or relationship to display to the outside world. There are only friends, food, travel stories, and the occasional work accomplishments. Each Instagram post has been tailored to ensure that it utilizes the perfect filter and every smile in the photo was a result of numerous photo retries just to get that perfect angle and expression. It looks so perfect that sometimes even I forget all the technical aspects that take place behind the scene. Oh, and don't forget about the nice short caption that is geared towards influencing people in believing that your life is perfect.

We have all partaken in this game of deceit and it's normal.

I'm not here to encourage you to keep faking your way on social media and to post things that aren't actually true. I won't even sit here to lecture you on what you should or shouldn't do on social media because who am I to do such a thing?

What I am here to do is say that we shouldn't always believe what people post on social media. This goes out for individuals like myself who can't help but feel a slight impact from the social media effects. After all, this is what's taking place in our generation; more technological advancements equates to more platforms to showcase the glittery parts of our lives. It's always nicer to project an image of ourselves when we're happy than sad, isn't it?

Exactly. Hence why we shouldn't always believe that the person in the photo is as happy as they appear or that the life that they have is as perfect as they make it out to be. In reality, everyone is fighting their own demons and overcoming each their own struggle. We don't always know what's really going on in their lives hence why we are often shocked to find out that there are those who portrayed themselves as "The Happy Couple" all of a sudden get divorced the next month. Truth is, we are all trying to figure out what we're doing with our lives and smiling does ease this confusing process. 

If the saying "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" tells us anything, it's that what you see isn't always what you get. So relax. I'm confident that nobody's life is all around perfect and you should only be so proud to live out your imperfect life!

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Report this post
Cantika Rustandi
Word Player, Sentence Creator, Storyteller

Learning about life one mistake at a time; Learning about hope one setback at a time; Learning about love one heartbreak at a time; Learning about happiness one puppy at a time; Learning about myself every single day.

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