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Digital Marketing: A Story About What It Is

Many customers want digital marketing but do not understand what it is. So, let's formulate the concept. Digital beauty marketing is the use of the whole complex of digital channels through which a brand/company/product is promoted or attracted to the attention of an audience.

Digital marketing has been around for quite some time. It is also called digital marketing. This is the marketing of goods and services, focused on the use of digital technologies to attract and retain customers.

The digital marketing term began to be widely used in the 1990s. At the same time, in the 1980s, digital marketing techniques were used in practice, but this term was not used. For example, the ChannelNet company (at that time it was called SoftAd Group) developed and implemented an advertising campaign for car manufacturers: in the magazines, there were inserts that readers had to cut out and send by mail to manufacturers. In response, they received a free test drive and a floppy disk advertising various brands of cars. It was already digital marketing because digital media was used.

Most often, the concept of digital marketing is confused with Internet marketing. It is not surprising, because digital marketing is characterized by close interweaving with Internet marketing. This misunderstanding is even logical since the “digital” includes all the tools of conventional Internet marketing. But the important difference is that digital goes beyond only online advertising and uses digital channels that are not always related to the Internet, corny:

  • TV advertising (digital channels only);

  • Applications;

  • SMS mailing.

After this paragraph, you might think that digital is just all marketing, however, it is not. In this case, we do not use traditional marketing channels. We use only digital channels.

What Is Included In Digital Marketing?

  1. Internet and devices providing access to it (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

  2. Local area networks. Internal company networks - extranet.

  3. Mobile devices. It's about installing branded applications or organizing WOW calls on your phone.

  4. Digital television. The main essence is integration with applications on the phone, a second screen or second screen technology, synchronization with online advertising.

  5. Interactive screens, POS terminals This is a type of digital media that gradually replaces standard outdoor advertising.

  6. Digital gadgets - devices that can collect information and transfer them to other media. For example, smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and others.

In some books, the most important activities of digital marketing today include:

  • search engine optimization;

  • search marketing;

  • content marketing;

  • influenza marketing (influences - influencer);

  • SMM marketing (in social media);

  • email marketing (direct mailing);

  • contextual type of advertising;

  • advertising in electronic publications.

Digital Agency Tools

Digital agencies promote brands in the digital environment.

Such companies usually have marketers, SEO-specialists, analysts, project managers, designers, layout designers, programmers, content managers, and copywriters. Videographers or photographers are also sometimes hired.

The main tools of digital agencies include social networks, contextual and media advertising, website promotion, advertising in mobile applications, reputation management. One of the most important tools of the agency is SEO, that is, website optimization for search engines. Digital marketing agencies create local networks and disseminate information through them. There are several devices on the network, and users can receive useful information by exchanging files and messages. Work is also underway to promote digital television. For owners of the Internet, resources organize participation in seminars, forums, and other professional events.

All the many tools can be divided into three groups:

  • own resources (sites, pages on social networks that the business owns and can manage)

  • paid resources (everything a company needs to pay for)

  • earned resources (word of mouth or earned media - free or purchased communication channels)

Main Methods Of Digital Promotion

SEO - website optimization to increase its position in search engines. It begins to act in a few months, but then the effect is stable.

SMM - work with groups on social networks, including the creation and placement of content, the organization of competitions and other forms of interaction with the audience.

SERM - managing the reputation of the company by creating its positive image on the sites with reviews.

What Is Good About Digital Marketing?

This type of marketing provides coverage not only for online users but also for people using tablets and mobile phones, downloading applications. Due to this, the audience is expanding. This approach allows you to attract an offline audience to the online market and vice versa. For example, when using an e-mail newsletter you invite a user to an offline event, a business breakfast.

Digital marketing allows you to collect clear statistics about users since almost all online activities are taken into account by special services. As a result, conclusions about the effectiveness of individual channels and a portrait of a consumer are more accurate.

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