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Sofia Scarlat
9mo Bucharest, Romania Story
Did I tell you about my podcast?

I really don't think I did, so here goes: I have a podcast!

Yes, my overachieving self decided that the best thing for me to do, as I work my way through a billion other things and 10 different exams, is to take on another project. It's fine though, really, because I've been sitting on the idea of starting a podcast since 7th grade and after so long, it finally felt like the right time to take it on. It's been a whole month since I've started it, so now that it's fully kicked off I figured I'd tell you all about it as well.

It's called "The Work in Progress Club," and it's supposed to act as somewhat of a safe space for high school students, where they can listen to me ramble on about topics such as self-care, stress, figuring out who you are in high school etc. The "catch" is that it's on Instagram, and each podcast episode is only 60 seconds long.

Why? Well, for one, Instagram is the most used social media platform for people my age so it's more accessible than listening to it on other platforms. The main reason, however, is the fact that Instagram does tend to create a very fake world, where only the good parts are shown, so it encourages people to hide the things that they're going though - behavior which they eventually also reflect in real life. I figured bringing these "Instagram-stigmatized" topics onto the platform would be a good change to the posts we regularly see nowadays.

The reason why it's only 60 seconds is because with topics such as these, which some still feel a little uncomfortable talking or thinking about, I find that it's better to just get your point across briefly, with some examples and personal stories and a few words of advice than to drag it on for 10 minutes. Sometimes it's much more effective to be brief, and it still gives people something to think about when the episode is over.

And, since it's a podcast, those who tune in can choose how engaged they want to be - from just listening occasionally to sending in topic suggestions and leaving comments - so it's much more comfortable than having a regular conversation. Aside from the podcast, I also sometimes upload little notes and posts about similar things relating to it. 

So far I've recorded 6 episodes on the main feed and one IGTV episode, which was an experimental 10 minute episode on the much requested (and much dreaded) college application stress.

You can listen to them here:

So far, I've gotten positive feedback from friends and colleagues around Romanian high schools, which I definitely appreciate. I have also come to find, however, that the podcast has also helped me as well. I do try to remind myself of a lot of things regarding self-care, but they get lost sometimes. It is quite difficult to follow your own advice, but hearing it back when I'm editing, or just listening to myself when I say it out loud as I'm recording has proven to be very helpful.

I'm really excited about the direction in which this is going. Let me know what you think of it as well, and I'll keep you posted with whatever it is I'm up to :)

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16 year-old, Bucharest-born pattered sock enthusiast.

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