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Diamonds In The Ruff Dog Grooming and Loving It. Here's Some Fun Facts From a Professional

Pet grooming is big business, with owners expected to spend some $6.11 billion on services this year, according to the American Pet Products Association.
With more than half the households in the country owning a dog or cat, the demand for qualified groomers and safe grooming techniques is high. Ashley Odom, a certified groomer and owner of, Diamonds In The Ruff who shared her furry pups.

How did you get your start in dog grooming and what do you love about it?

I've always had a passion for dogs since a young age. When I turned 16 I was ready to get my first part-time job. Fortunately , my mother was very good friends with a manager for a corporate pet store. He hired me, and  I started out as a professional bather. Immediately right after that I found my passion for grooming. I love bringing the beauty out of my fur babies. They know when they received the groom of the century.*inserts chuckle*  Sometimes it may seem like such a small gesture to people, but there are dogs that play a major role in some families. So for these families to see their pup look beautiful again after a spa session and full of joy , makes their day just a little brighter.  I've made a lot of families happy and that's what I love.

When did you start capturing your work on Instagram and how did the videos come about?

I started immediately once I opened my salon. I wanted to give people the opportunity to enjoy what I love. Everyone one is so captivated by my work, and how my pups sit so still during photos. I thought it would be a great idea to start  recording my videos to let the world into my happy place.

Posting pet content has become a huge trend on Instagram. What are your tips for taking good dog/pet Instagram photos?

First tip make sure it's a pup that wants to cooperate. Luckily most of my pups are extremely comfortable with me already, so they trust me enough to listen to my command. Build that relationship with your doggy client first, and you'll be able to get them to work with you for photos. Once that bond is built all the glitz, glam, and props can be added to your model and background.

How do you go about choosing the music for each dog?

Okay, the music is completely inspired by my doggy client personality. So for my mile a minute pups, yorkies for example, I'll play something like Rihanna's "Please don't stop the music". The beat keeps up with them. A more mellow grooming session I would choose something with a slower tune. Every once in  a while I'll choose a song based on my personal mood.

Are some dogs more camera-ready than others? What is the funniest outtake that happened when trying to set up the shot?

Absolutely, some dogs just  LOVE the camera . They will pose for me, stare into my lens, give me smiles, anything necessary to get a great shot. Then, I have my pups that'll actually turn their head away from me while I'm trying to capture a photo. The funniest moment that I remember is filming a video with one of my regular pups, Basil, and midway through our video he got a little too excited turned over onto his back and expose his little man area. So I was totally shocked, his face was priceless and the entire thing was caught on video. It was hilarious.

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