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"Depression is a loser in your life"

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Depression sometimes hits one like a baseball, its like you never see it coming and it takes hold of your “Present” moment. What is Depression really? Research claims that depression aggravates from a series of negative emotions and could be related to several episodes of stress, excessive sadness, less morale, less incentive/incitement. It is quite common to experience this series of events in one’s lifetime in that people react to unfavorable life events. Be sure to experience depression at some point in your life, because everyone experiences a backbreaking moment at some point too. Most cases of depression can be quite gruesome and some others tepid. Research claims depression often stems from genetic influences (inherited from families), stressful life events (job loss, precarious work, emotional heartbreak, loneliness, financial difficulties, or even retirement, even a physical illness) All this can lead to a backbreaking illness.

So how do we overcome depression?? Research claims that in severe cases of depression, one can utilize medical methods such as the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) or Anti depressants to cope with depression. These methods I believe help to control negative thoughts and feelings, as well as curb emotions of anguish.

However, what are other relative non-drug depressant methods of curbing depression and cutting down these feelings of worthlessness? what I mean is what are the other ways to counter depression without taking prescription medications?

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Keep rocking guys.



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