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ModelZe Embracing Change
8mo South Africa Story
Concrete Owl Part 4

These concrete owl planters are inspired by the big concrete garden owl statue I created in my previous videos and now my family of owls are growing and I am enjoying every moment of creating each one, celebrating the uniqueness of each concrete owl, this project is continuously sparking new ideas in my mind.

You are invited to share your ideas, images and videos of your concrete or clay owls, one idea always spark new ideas and yet each one turns out to be unique.

If you love planting herbs and succulents this one liter concrete owl planter will compliment your current collection of owls and usually we have friends that share our passions and what a wonderful and unique gift to create for those who share you love for plants and owls.

Concrete is an easy and wonderful medium to work with, I love the smell of wet cement, it  always holds the promise of new outcomes, change and development. It keeps me positively active, and working with cement is the same as having a workout at the gym is you start a large project, and you can actually show something for your sweating, plus well shaped arms.

  • So many molds are available that are easy to use and perfect for involving your children into making lovely ornaments and shapes, that they can paint, that will not only keep them occupied during the school holidays, but will teach them new skills.

For more gift ideas that are easy to customize please visit my store world-wide delivery is available.

Thank you for being here, enjoy a fabulous day.

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Embracing Change

Calm and Adventurous When you love yourself, you can never run out of Love When you love yourself, your rivers can never run dry When you love yourself, the search for Love is over When you love yourself no-one can take it away

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