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ModelZe Embracing Change
8mo South Africa Story
 Concrete Heart Planter Modern Planter

Modern Concrete Heart Planter

In this video I am showing how I make some of my concrete hearts, easy as pie and you may use them to create wonderful concrete room décor, in any project you desire.

Ideas for these easy to make modern concrete hearts

Use these hearts  as frames for mirrors, if your current mirror has a frame that you know longer enjoy, glue as many hearts on as you like and then paint them, glitter them and add some beads to make an interesting and unique mirror frame.

If your mirror is frame-less, use the hearts as a frame, if you enjoy the soft dove grey and simplicity of the concrete color, use some bonding liquid as  paint to give your plain concrete hearts a soft glow, you can always decorate and paint the hearts at a later stage.

Glue the concrete hearts onto containers as I did in the video to give any room or corner in your home or office a new theme and a new look.

Use the concrete hearts as stepping stones in a fairy garden,
something so different and cute.

Make a jewellery set from your concrete hearts, concrete jewellery is trending, people are adding precious stones to the concrete or setting precious stones in concrete instead of gold and silver, but if you are not ready to try that just glue the concrete hears onto an old bangle, necklace and earrings and  flash them across your social media profiles.

Use your concrete hearts as decorations for your Christmas tree this year and make them part of the glitter and joy, write the name of each person on the back of the concrete hearts allowing your guests to take home something special and beautiful from a loving event.

For more gift ideas visit

Thank you for being here, enjoy a lovely day

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Embracing Change

Calm and Adventurous When you love yourself, you can never run out of Love When you love yourself, your rivers can never run dry When you love yourself, the search for Love is over When you love yourself no-one can take it away

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