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Jandy's Knowledge
Jandy's Knowledge Single Mom of a 4 year old
11mo Prairie Grove, AR, United States Story

Regardless of what your goal for success is, get involved with your
community. First, get involved with town meetings, the local Chamber
of Commerce, and attend community functions. You will be amazed at
the opportunities for support, business ideas, and financing available
right there in your own neighborhood.

For us at the start we tried a few things and some worked and others didn’t we have put on foot in our community. While you just might catch me saying my home town is like a black hole , I say it because it’s true, (if you leave or try to leave this town will suck you back in.) I know that this town has not only brought me up it has done so for generations of my family. Even if my Grandpa is the only one of us who graduated from the town next door, He is still here even after leaving for a few years, they came back.

If tractors aren’t your thing and you don’t like the idea of square dancing home made crafts or a town coming together each year to a clothesline fair then maybe the pull of my hometown will not be as strong on you. For me I love the traditions I love knowing the horse at the end of the parade means it’s over and that you will only be walking away with three Wal-Mart bags of candy. I love seeing every one come together to watch hours of dancing from countless dancers. The homemade crafts are awesome and the makers are one of a kind people.

Now this may not be your community but if you don’t get involved it you don’t know about the place you live then you wouldn’t know about the treasure you have in your own back door. Get involved meet someone new enjoy finding out why they enjoy the traditions too.

If you are interested in learning more about how I create these simple little videos to share on YouTube, my blog and other sites and have created a total freedom lifestyles using my laptop and an internet connection from anywhere, click the link above the video. I will see you in the next video.

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Jandy's Knowledge
Single Mom of a 4 year old

It is because I find the written word so very compelling that I want to share my story with you. I am single mother of a 4 year old boy. Just because I am single does not mean I am not an amazing mother. I get both roles of mother and father and yes that can be stressful. Learn, Do, Teach. I [...]

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