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10 Most Common Skin Problems With Their Remedies

10 most common skin problems with their remedies

Did you know this fact! Your skin is the largest organ of your body, both in terms of weight which is around 8 pounds and surface area. Your skin separates the inside of your body’s vital organs from outside air which includes various bacteria. But what if your skin itself gets affected due to some reasons which you may or may not know. Now, this may get even worse when you don't know the reason of a symptom which does not look good and can be harmful. In this situation, you should not panic and assume anything before you actually go and visit a skin specialist who will perform a thorough check and will definitely give a solution to it.

You should be aware of all skin related problems that unfortunately might happen to anybody. We have also listed down the remedies or solutions for such skin related problems. These remedies are basically home remedial solutions and the skin treatment procedures which you can avail at any reputed skin specialist who is also known as a dermatologist or a cosmetologist.

In India, there are many good skin specialist who are well known for their services for skin treatment. As you know India has a highly developed medical infrastructure and healthcare facilities in all the major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The skin specialist in Mumbai are highly skilled and highly reputed. In Mumbai, locations like Andheri, Dadar, Bandra, etc. are known as healthcare hubs in India as they have the best doctors and medical infrastructure. For availing best skin treatment with assured results or solution to all your skin related problem, you can to visit the best skin specialist in Andheri East and skin specialist in Bandra in the western suburban region of Mumbai.

Now let's discuss the common skin problems and what you should do when you notice any of them –


Acne is a condition that affects the oil glands of your skin. There are small holes which are called pores on your skin that connects to the oil glands under the skin. These oil glands secrete a substance which is called sebum. Now when the follicles of the skin gland clog up an acne grows up which is commonly known as a pimple. This phenomenon is very common in people and about 60% of people are facing this issue.

Humidity, stress, oily food, changes in hormones, heavy sweating, use of certain medicines, etc. are the reasons which cause acne.

No one would feel good dealing with acne on their face and will definitely try to do things to get rid of the acne. We have suggested some techniques which will help you to reduce pimples.

  • Gently massage with ice cubes or crushed ice
  • Apply lemon juice
  • Apply toothpaste
  • Steam follow by face clean up
  • Apply garlic paste

These techniques will definitely help you to reduce the pimples but they won't help much if your face is too oily or you have genetic issues. You need not worry much as we have exceptionally good skin treatment available in India especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. You must visit a skin specialist to get his advice before trying to do anything on your own. If any of the home remedies are not working then you can visit a skin specialist in Andheri West or a skin specialist in Mulund as they are equipped with latest technology like laser skin treatment, chemical peels, Botox, skin tightening, acne treatment, wrinkle treatment, scar removal treatment, skin whitening treatment, etc.


Sunburn happens when our skin gets exposed to harsh UV radiations. This happens when your skin's upper layer gets burned and starts appearing red, pink or sometimes even black. This is very common and also very easy to get rid of. There are numerous skin care creams available on the market and other home remedies.

  • Cover your skin so that it doesn’t get exposed to UV rays of direct sunlight
  • Use cool cloths on sunburned areas.
  • Take frequent cool showers or baths.
  • Apply soothing lotions that contain aloe vera

If the sunburned area is affected too much then you should visit a skin specialist to get skin treatment.


An itchy patch which appears red is commonly called as rashes. It can happen anywhere on your skin. Rashes can be due to some minor allergy or due to climatic changes. Whether you are having any of these skin conditions for rashes like an allergic reaction, dry skin, itchy skin; poison ivy, or some other undetermined rash, home remedies like – baking soda, aloe vera, apple cider, moisturizer, etc. for allergic skin reactions might help you or you should visit can get it treated by a skin specialist.

You should also follow these steps - bathe daily with good cleansers, wear clean and dry clothes, change innerwear often, stay dry in your groin area, avoid thick clothing in warm weather to avoid sweat.


Rosacea commonly affects the central third of the face especially the nose and it varies over time. Rosacea symptoms and signs include redness of the face, tiny red pimples and fine red vascular lines on the facial skin and an enlarged red nose. There is no cure for rosacea, but it can be treated and controlled if it is treated by a good skin specialist. Rosacea is not life-threatening, but it can be a major blow to your appearance and self-esteem. If it is left untreated then it gets worse over time so we advise you to get it treated as soon as possible from a reputed skin specialist. However, for now, you should start home remedial solutions like avoiding sun flare, avoiding certain food items which may cause allergy and might increase the conditions of rosacea, avoid rubbing or touching face too much.


Eczema is a term referred to a skin condition when it becomes inflamed or irritated. The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema. If you are suffering from eczema then whatever you do please don't scratch! Scratching will expose your skin to infections, it also reddens skin and makes it swell, crack, crust, scale, or thicken. There are ways to treat eczema that we suggest you - topical steroid creams, massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, vitamin D, phototherapy, and antihistamines. Eczema can be very harmful and dangerous skin disease condition. You should visit a good skin doctor to get it treated with all the proper medical treatment procedures.


Psoriasis is one of the most baffling skins or scalp disorders. It happens when the underlying cells reach the skin's surface and die and their volume causes red plaques covered with white scales. In this condition, skin cells multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. Psoriasis typically occurs on the knees, elbows, and scalp, and it can also affect the torso, palms, and soles of the feet. You might dismiss that this itchy rash as just an itchy rash, but it could be something more! Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes inflammation and scaling. There is practically no way to prevent psoriasis. But yes it can be cured if treated by a reputed skin specialist. There are home remedial solutions which can only treat psoriasis to an extent. Only a dermatologist who is a skin expert and has a lot of experience can treat Psoriasis properly that it cures with zero side effects.


Your skin changes and ages with your age. You will notice wrinkles on your face and neck. Sunlight UV rays are one of the causes of skin aging, cigarette smoking also contributes to wrinkles. Many products claim to revitalize skin and reduces wrinkles. You cannot do much by yourself to reduce the wrinkles but you can surely reduce the wrinkles that might occur in coming days and may further damage your skin. You have to gradually reduce and stop smoking, cover your skin when it is exposed to sunlight, applying moisturizer, healthy diet which includes multivitamins. To get a permanent solution for your wrinkle problem, you need to undergo skin treatment by a skin specialist.


Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection which causes red sores that can break open and ooze fluids. It may develop into a yellow-brown crust. These impetigo sores can occur anywhere on the body. Impetigo is contagious and can be spread through close contact or by sharing towels, sheets, clothing, toys, or other items. Scratching can also spread the sores to other parts of the body. Impetigo is treated with antibiotics by a dermatologist.


Moles happen when skin cells and cells under your skin called melanocytes grow in a cluster with tissues surrounding them. Moles is very common and usually, people have between 10 and 40 moles on their skin. Moles develop by themselves and you can do very little to stop them. New moles develop from time to time usually until the age of 40. When the mole appears very strange and unusual then you might panic and do things to eradicate that mole. One out of every 10 people has at least one unusual mole. This unusual mole can actually be melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. Hence we strongly recommend you to visit a dermatologist if you notice any unusual mole.


Did you know this fact! There is a high probability that right now there are some Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on your skin, in your nose or throat. Staph infection can turn deadly if it gets into your body and the infection spreads. You need to follow all the basic habits right from washing hands as Staph infections happen only because of external infections. You can take steps to help prevent staph infections. When you have a cut wash it with soap and water then keep it clean and dry, and keep it covered from any dust to avoid infection. If you notice any minutest staph infection symptoms then you should visit a skin specialist as soon as possible.


We suggest you to visit a skin specialist the moment you notice any kind of skin problem. Home remedies solve the problems only when there are minor skin problems. You can visit CLINICSPOTS.COM to compare the skin clinics and skin specialists, to get cost estimation, free consultation for any skin and health related problem and book an appointment with the best skin specialist at a very reasonable cost.


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  • Arjun Moyade 28
    2mo ago

    Very Informative article. thanks for sharing.

    Very Informative article. thanks for sharing.

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