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College Essay: Top 7 Tips for Your Academic Success

College essays are extremely important for your successful admission to the college of your dreams. To secure your success, meet this hit parade of the top 7 tips on writing great essays and winning against other applicants.

College essays winning the hearts of teachers

When writing a college essay, you can receive thousands of hints on how to do it. However, not all of them are good enough and worth trying. The trial and error method can be dangerous in this case, because your future is at stake. To save your time and prevent the terrible mistakes, you can check out these top 7 tips from the hit parade of the best recommendations on admission essay writing from experts:

Tip # 7: FOCUS

Know your main goal and stick to it. The best way to do it is to choose a good topic and further develop it. For example, you can check out these college essay prompts, which might become perfect starters for not only your admission essays, but also other college papers. Do your best not to jump from one idea to another. Include only relevant information, which is directly related to the topic you have chosen.


If your first draft were perfect, even Hemingway might have taken his hat off to you. However, this is only one of students’ dreams. Remember that even if your first draft seems to be pretty good, it is only an illusion. Every paper requires careful proofreading. So, accept this time-proven truth and proofread your essays for at least 3 times. You can also ask your friends or parents to help you edit and proofread your papers.


Improve the logical structure of your paper. Include an introduction, main body and conclusion in all of your papers. Avoid using too long sentences (up to 20 words is great). Certainly, perfect structure won’t save a poor paper. Changing the structure of a bad essay is senseless, like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. However, the improved structure can make a good essay work much better.


Try to make your paper uniquely interesting and avoid clichés. If you write "I always wanted to become a lawyer", you simply waste your words, because this phrase actually says nothing to the committee. Do not hesitate to include some personal detail in this paper. Why do you want to become a lawyer? When and how did you realize that Law is your calling?

College essay writing tips: meet the leaders


Do not use too little or too much detail in your paper. Remember that the common app does not require writing memoirs and telling your whole life story. Instead, focus on persuading the committee that they should choose you over other applicants.


Show instead of telling. Help the committee make the right conclusions by themselves. Instead of making claims, like "I am the best" or "I will make a difference", show why you truly deserve a place at this college. Offer concrete arguments, but avoid shameless self-promotion.


Meet the winner! The number 1 in this hit parade of application essay writing tips is to be yourself. It might be not that easy as it seems, but it is the shortest way to your successful admission. Use your own words, tell your unique story, follow the recommendations above and your successful admission will be in the bag.

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