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Career Scope in Optometry

Eyes are very important to any living being,and therefore, the importance of this domain of medical science can never be ignored. Optometry refers to study of eyesight and also is helpful for detecting diseases and disorders pertaining to eye. Optometry diploma courses are known to have a great scope as far as the career prospects are concerned.

Why are optometry diploma courses pursued?

Eyes are a very important organ of a human body. Most of the perception that we create is based on the things we see. If any other senses like smelling and tasting stopping working we can still sense the danger or emotions through eyes. Therefore eyes are very essential for a living being. Having said that it can be concurred that eyes are the most essential and a very vital sensory body part and therefore the health of the eyes must be maintained. That is the reason people pursue diploma in optometric so that they could be of help to the doctors treating the people suffering from vision and sight disorders.

Are there various top colleges in India that offers courses in Optometry?

Yes, there are a number of government and private optometry collegein India that specialize in optometry courses. These colleges make the dreams of many students come true and train them to become competent enough to be helpful to the society at large.

What are the various career opportunities available for the students?

The students of optometry courses have a number of career opportunities to choose from. They can choose from the below mentioned profiles:

  1. Optometrist
  2. Ophthalmologist
  3. Optician
  4. Private Practitioner
  5. Professor
  6. Trainee Optometrist
  7. Vision Consultant
  8. Optometry Researcher

Difference between Optometrist, Ophthalmologist and Optician

Optometrists are the eye health care providers and their specialization is eye care and health. Their area of examination is the external and internal structure of the eye. The Optometrists issue the prescriptions for contact lenses or eyeglasses for the patients. Their aim is of maintaining the eye health of the individual. These are medical professionals and can also work as teachers, consultants or can even set up their own independent clinics. They can also be of service to privatized as well as public hospitals and health care units.

Ophthalmologists are physicians and their specialization is “medical and surgical care” of eyes and sight. The Ophthalmologist offers all the eye care services and those include diagnosis, treatment, plastic surgery, eye surgery and so on. These can also function independent or as a part of medical group. They also can be of services to public, private or medical hospitals or can even open up their own clinic.

Opticians are not eye doctors but are a very essential part of the eye care team. An optician designs and verifies the glass lenses and frames and contact lenses etc. which are used to correct or help an individual with an eyesight related disorder. He creates all those devices with the help of prescription issued by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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