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Bring the Spark Back in Your Marriage

Many couples today are always busy working and raising their families and do not have much time to spend quality time as a couple. When this happens too times couples seem to drift apart. The good news is that there are all kinds of ways to get that spark back.

Date Night

Plan at least one date night every couple of weeks. You can hire a babysitter or ask grandparents to watch the kids overnight. This is your time. You can either spend the night at home, order food in, watch a movie and of course have your romantic time.

Some couples choose to leave the house for the entire night and rent a nice hotel room. You can go to a nice restaurant, be sure it is one that is romantic with flowers or candles on the table to help create the mood.


This one may be difficult for some couples as they may not have the same interests. You could take playing golf, bowling, or even flying remote control airplanes. Just find a hobby that you both enjoy and spend time at least once a week enjoying your new found hobby. You can take the kids along sometimes and make it a family affair, but of course, it would be better if you went alone or with another couple.

Lunch Dates

Even during the busy work week, you could plan to go to lunch at the same time at a nearby restaurant. It does not have to be a fancy restaurant, the idea is to spend time together without any interruptions.


This may sound crazy especially if it is winter time, but there are so many different picnic ideas that be very romantic and remind you of your time before you had children and live got in the way of you being a couple.

You can choose many different locations for your picnic, even your own bedroom or on a hiking trip. The main idea for the romance are the items you bring in the picnic basket. You want a romantic time so wine, grapes, cheese, or other small items that you can feed one another.

Take a drive

This may not sound very romantic, but if you met during your teens, more than likely quite a bit of your time was spent in the car. Just taking a drive at night as seeing the stars can bring back those old feelings you may have lost along the way. Find a secluded spot and park the car. Sit on the hood of the car or lie down and just enjoy the quiet and the sounds of the night.

You can always find a very nice spot where you both have memories or you make new ones. The idea is to be alone, do not talk about work, family, or money. This is your time to be together and you should focus on one another.


Have the kids spend the night with one of their friends and create a spa type atmosphere in your master bath and bedroom. Use candles in the bathroom instead of those blaring lights. Take a very nice long bath together and then head to the bedroom, where you have all the massage oils, candles, and relaxing music playing. Take turns giving one another sensual massages.

Not only will this give you time to be alone, but it can also help with stress and worries. Getting a massage from head to toe can wash away all the stress of the day.


The main thing to remember is that you need to spend time together as a couple without the worries of work, kids, or money. Couples that take out time for one another grow together instead of apart. For a happy loving marriage, there has to be a balance between time spent apart and time spent together even when you have so much responsibility that you feel like you have no time for anything. Your partner is also under all the same stress, but when you spend time together, you will remember that your spouse is the most important person in your life and you want to stay together for many years to come.

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