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Inner Harmony
Inner Harmony Empowerment Coach
13d Story
Best Ways to Relax and Unwind Without Taking the ‘Time’ to do it!

How many times has someone told you that you need to take time for yourself to relax and you think ‘I don’t have time to sit around and do nothing’? I often thought this way myself. Of course, the thought of sitting around binge-watching Netflix or just doing nothing all day is highly appealing. However, I would think there was just too much on my to-do list to consider taking the time to ‘relax’. 

The good thing about relaxation and unwinding is that sometimes you don’t actually have to take a lot of time to do it. Relaxation is simply a break from your regular routine or something that allows you to replace those on-going never-ending thoughts and to-do lists with a bit of peace. 

Relaxation is a vital part of our lives. When you give yourself space and opportunity to relax, you allow your mind and body to take a break and just be still. Then when you hop back into your routine you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to take it all on with a new-found passion! 

In trying to find a balance between relaxing and still having time to do everything on that ‘list’, I discovered these 5 great tricks to have a balance. Try them out and see what works best for you! 

Essential oils 

Take one whiff of these scents and you're transported to a different place. Essential oils such as frankincense, lavender and chamomile are known to help calm and rejuvenate. One of my favourite time-saving ways to use essential oils is to use shower bombs. Get an easy DIY recipe here! Just place one in the corner of the shower and as the water hits it the scents will be released, and you just created relaxation while doing a routine activity! 

Furry Friend Love 

Spending time with your pet is like getting an instant dose of peace and happiness. Their carefree attitude and the unconditional love they show you are a great de-stressor. Take advantage of the time you spend with them by playing a game or teaching them new tricks. This is sure to allow your mind and body time to rest and restore itself. If you have a dog taking them out for a nature hike is a great way to spend time in nature, reflect and relax! They get their exercise and you get a break!


Music has the power to invoke emotions in you, you never even knew you had! Using it throughout your day will provide you with opportunities to relax multiple times a day! If you haven’t heard of binaural music now is the time to check it out! With lots of research and professionals behind it, this type of music has the ability to relax, energize and focus you. My favourite times to use it are right before bed (you’ll for sure have a deep and restful sleep after listening to some of this) or if I find myself stuck on a work project (to help me calm my mind and refocus). Binaural music is a great tool to use for instant relaxation for your mind!!  


Some of you are probably thinking ‘exercise is not a way to relax…that’s more like torture’. While some forms of exercise can indeed be pretty rigorous and sweaty, it gets your mind and body out of routine and into an activity that allows you to mentally relax while you focus on the exercise. Bonus there are other forms of exercise (Yoga and Tai Chi)  that are considered more relaxing and incorporate other forms of relaxation like; deep breathing and meditation. Exercise is important for us to stay healthy and therefore incorporating relaxation techniques into your routines is a great way to relax and still go about your day uninterrupted! 


Sometimes just having something delicious that gets your taste buds excited is enough to feel relaxed. Think of taking a sip of that rich and creamy hot chocolate or that piece of cheesecake touching your tongue! You have to eat, and drink anyways so make sure to have some little treats that will give your mind a break and put your taste buds to work enjoying yummy foods! Some of my favourite things to consume for a relaxation break are green teas, yogurt and chocolate! 

Let me know ways you relax on the quick throughout your day!

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Inner Harmony
Empowerment Coach

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