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Best Ways to Promote Your Film Before its Premiere

Once you have come up with the idea of your future film, you have to start planning its promotion. Needless to say, that advertising plays a core role in attracting the potential audience and film promotion. Nowadays a successful marketing campaign helping to promote your film is a comprehensive strategy that requires both professional approach and creativity. There is no definite model or sequence of actions that you should stick to if you while planning online advertising of your new film. However, there are many examples of profitable and successful (or failed) marketing strategies from which we can learn. Below are some ways and ideas how to promote your film before its premiere and convert it into a box-office masterpiece.


1. Do something astonishing

If you manage to create a remarkable thing, it will catch the eye of the audience for sure. Despite the information technologies, the world of mouth is still one of the most influential ways to promote your film. Create something impressive, astonish people and the rumours about the upcoming premiere of your film will go far away beyond the expectations. In case you want your project to be successful, begin by doing something worth talking about. For example, you can create balloons looking like the main character in the film and give them to people, telling when the premiere is coming. This part doesn’t always require a significant sum of money; your creativity is at the first place. 


2. Pre-videos

Before the release of a complete trailer, try to create some small promo-videos to higher up the audience’s interest and make them wish to see the whole trailer. Such promo-videos are relatively cheap, and on some sources, you even don’t have to pay if a viewer clicks ‘skip’ in the first five seconds. Using special tools and programs, you can make your video appear before related videos from different websites. The main idea of such videos is to increase the viewers’ interest to watch the trailer and make them do something (for example, visit your website or a Facebook page for more details about the film). The great idea could be to redirect them to a competition to win the premiere tickets.


3. Use the modern technologies

Virtual reality is not an unavailable tool anymore. You can create forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns and let the potential audience be the heroes of your film. There are plenty of tools and instruments to bring your marketing ideas to a new technical stage, but if you create a game or a possibility of virtual reality to feel the story, you will have success. It will allow viewers experience what the leading actors have endured during the film and also engage them in communication with film fans. What is extremely useful is that due to the social integration, which is the part of games or virtual reality, the participants can invite their friends, share their achievements and spread the news about the coming event.


4. Quality trailer

It is the most known, but still the essential issue. No one will go to the film premiere unless they see the trailer. So, it is right in your interests to create an incredible one. It’s not enough only to show the shots from the film and add music; you have to intrigue the viewers, create an excellent seeding strategy and be extra creative to make a significant trailer. Be aware, that emotions are too essential in the promotional video. If you induce the viewers’ emotions, you will be on the right way. Don’t try to save your money making a trailer. The more expensive is the video, the higher profit your film will bring. Searching for an example of high quality trailer? Take a look at the last year’s western film ‘The Stolen’. This film was produced by Red Rock Entertainment and while its promotion, they placed their bets on the trailer and won.


5. Create a functional website

Being graphically well designed, unfortunately, many film landing pages are not-functional as they only tell about the film’s premiere and contain several film shots. First of all, you have to place the trailer directly on a created website as it will make it visually exciting. Secondly, an excellent addition would be inserting there links to social media and placing the information about the film, producers, cast and suggesting them different social applications, competitions and other informative initiatives. However, remember that your website shouldn’t be too overloaded.


6. Social networks

Nowadays, it is probably one of the most powerful ways to promote your film before the premiere. Different social networks can offer you a lot of opportunities from simple photo posting to interactive communication with a potential audience. Take your time or hire specialists to promote your project and develop special pages, add new posts, videos, photos, communicate with interested people. Take note that except such famous social media platforms for marketing as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, there are also Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and Telegram. So, don’t forget about them as they can allow you to create an excellent marketing campaign to fit the audience, who are using them and, thus, promote your film. You can also establish the partnership with popular channels, so your ideas will also be shared and supported by other pages.


As far as you see, the film promotion isn’t an easy task at all. If you want to impress the audience and draw attention, do something astonishing and dedicate your time to the marketing strategy. Don’t believe those, who say that marketing is only about money; your creativity is the real currency.

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