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Jandy's Knowledge
Jandy's Knowledge Single Mom of a 4 year old
1y Prairie Grove, AR, United States Story
Be Proactive

Be Proactive
While it may take time to learn how to identify ways to avoid obstacles
or failures, get into the habit of tackling problems before they arise.
This will help you avoid wasting precious time on your road to success.

While sometimes being a mom you find you feel as if you are wasting tons of precious time. Just remember each step you are taking is going to lead you down the road wither the road you are on is success only time can tell. Remember your child is he or her own person and they might do a u turn.

Now talking about success in business go back a few steps and be sure your birds of a feather are not wasting your time. Be sure they are help you tackle a problem before it becomes even bigger.

If you are interested in learning more about how I create these simple little videos to share on YouTube, my blog and other sites and have created a total freedom lifestyles using my laptop and an internet connection from anywhere, click the link above the video. I will see you in the next video.

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Report this post
Jandy's Knowledge
Single Mom of a 4 year old

It is because I find the written word so very compelling that I want to share my story with you. I am single mother of a 4 year old boy. Just because I am single does not mean I am not an amazing mother. I get both roles of mother and father and yes that can be stressful. Learn, Do, Teach. I [...]

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