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Basic styles in swimming

The basic styles in swimming can be defined as the model or pattern of the movements to be made and whose main purpose is energy saving. The four styles are known worldwide for being the most common when swimming are breast style, crawl, butterfly style and back style, also known as the back. Let's learn a little more about them.

Swimming is one of the complete sports, since it allows us to exercise very diverse parts of our body. If you like this discipline or any other and you want to be attentive to the latest sports news, in spaces like TUIN you will find the ideal place to be informed.

Main styles in swimming

- Style breaststroke or also known as chest: It is the only style whose stroke has its recovery in the water, that is, the recovery is aquatic, and in its phases does not have the action of push. Its phases of movement are as follows: grip or sweep out, pull or sweep in or recovery.

-Crawl. In this style, the swimmers use an action of arms and an alternative foot shake. A complete cycle of this style is composed of a complete action of the right arm, a complete of the left and a variable number of leg styles. The movement of arms is alternative, and while one moves forward through the air with the hand ready to enter the water, the other arm moves forward under the water in the opposite direction to the other arm.

- Butterfly style. It is one of the fastest styles, after the crawl. The realization of the butterfly uses a shake or dolphin kick with the legs simultaneously downwards and upwards, that is, with both legs together and at the same time, being the downward action that provides the propulsion. The action of arms is also performed simultaneously. -Style back. It is the only style in which the face is submerged in the water, except in turns and exits. It consists of an alternative action of the arms and legs. Unlike the crawl, the swimmers are on their backs, in the dorsal position.

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