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Muhammed Rashid
4mo A Unit of HelloChalo Hospitality PVT LTD 1st Floor,Venugopal Arcade,Pulinchod Signal JN, Aluva,Cochin.Kerala,India Story
An escape to the vegetative splendour of Kerala

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing business cities in India with a number of companies thickly constructed in the place. Living in such a city is one of the most boring things that a person like me, who love nature, could have experience. It was one of the rituals among my friends to trip to some of the places with natural beauty and wild. Our Christmas trip was planned to Kerala as it was one of the best destinations in the whole of India which holds a unique combination of nature, wild and heritage centers. Being a nature lover Kerala was always a destination I loved to visit. Normally all our weekend trips would be planned and organized by myself, but this time it was organized by Seasonzindia and was scheduled to be on 30th of November.  We were too lazy that organizing and planning a trip to Kerala was something out of our imagination. We availed one of the best Kerala tour packages from Bangalore which was both facilitated and affordable. On the 30th of November, we reached the Bangalore airport by 6.00am. After traveling on a flight for about 3 hrs we finally reached the Kochi international airport by 9 pm we were welcomed by the travel operators in the land and was directed to the taxi which was waiting for us. As the package we choose was customized all the destinations included in the package was selected by the four of us. From the airport, we were taken to the hotel which was pre-booked for us. By 10.30 we reached the hotel which was located in the center of the city making our travel easier. This hotel located in the heart of the Kochi city was one of the best residences from where you could reach to some of the best tourist destination in the land.

Kochi is one of the business centres in Kerala with a number of industries and buildings; the city is similar to that of Bangalore. The only difference that one could see in the Kochi and Bangalore is that Kochi is a business city that has conserved the beauty of nature and wildlife whereas Bangalore is a city that developed into a business city by destroying its nature and natural resources. After refreshing and having some food from the restaurant in the hotel we started with our trip in Kochi. According to our plan, our first destination in Kochi was the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary which is mostly known as an alien space in the Ernakulam city. Located in the high court premises the place is one of the best destinations for tourist to visit. We reached the place after a drove of about 20 min, located inside the Ernakulam court premises the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is a place entirely different from that of the loud city. Filled with greenery and a wide range of migratory birds the place is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. The place is mostly covered with mangroves which gives the place a forest life ambiance. One of the best attractions in the place is the tree top house from where you could enjoy the view of the entire bird sanctuary. The place holds in a small lake with a rowboat which the travelers could make use of with the permission of the officials in the sanctuary. After exploring the place for a while we decided to move to our next destination of the day, Chendamangalam.

Located at a distance of about 23km from the Ernakulam main city Chendamangalam is one of the ancient synagogues in Paravoor. We reached the place after a drive of about 1 hr at 3 pm. the place is one of the not-so-known historical destinations in the land with a number of plains and hillocks surrounding the synagogues. One of the main things that attracted us to this place is its architectural structure that dates back to the British rule and the number of architectural wonders and remains of the British rule that is spread around the synagogues. After visiting the ancient synagogues we headed to the Jesuit church and the ruins of Jesuit College which constructed years back during the British rule. Now it is just the remains of the college that one can see in the place. After being in the place for a few seconds we walked to the Kottayil Kovilakom hillocks to see the religious centres in the place. One of the uniqueness of the religious centres located in the Kottayil Kovilakom hillock is that the place houses religious institutions of all the 4 main religions in Kerala. The hillock houses a Hindu Temple, a Syrian Christian church, a mosque and a Jewish Synagogue all of which were restored after the British rule.  This was a sight that one could never witness back in Bangalore. The unity of religion was one factor that fascinated me after seeing the 4 religious institutions which were lying close to each other. Close to the synagogue is the old Jewish grave which dates back to 1264AD. Travellers visiting the place could also find some of the remains of Vypeenakotta Seminary, which was once built for the Syrians in the 15th century.

By the time we finished exploring the entire place it was getting dark and so we decided to get back to the hotel. After riding for another 1.30 hrs we finally reached back to the hotel by 9.30pm. We were all very tired from the traveling and so after refreshing and having the dinner, we slept off without any delay. The next day we woke up by 10 am and after refreshing and having the breakfast we checked out of the hotel as it was our last day in Kerala. After checking out of the hotel by 11 am we moved on to our next destination the Thrissur forest which was about 2 hr drive from the hotel. We reached the forest by 2 pm. the forest is one of the most beautiful destinations filled with natural wildlife and vegetation to its best. But, it is not nature or its beauty that drew us to the place. The one thing that attracted us to the place is the rumors that we have heard about the place. The Thrissur forest is known to be one of the paranormal destinations in Kerala. Even with such spookiness, the place is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in most Kerala tourism packages. It could be the stories that we heard or the fear we all hide that created a negative vibe all around the area once we reached the place. Gathering more mental strength was decided to go for trekking in the forest. The forest gets darker as we get deeper into the woods. The thickness of the trees and branches blocks the sunlight from entering the woods giving the place a spooky ambiance. According to the rumors, the place was haunted by a staring ghost of a 12-year boy who stares into nothingness. Even though there were places in Bangalore that was said to be spooky I never felt a negative vibe back there and this experience gave me a chill through the spine. After trekking for about 2 hrs we finally reached the peak from where we enjoyed the fascinating view of the forest. By the time we got back to the base it was already time for us to drive back to the Cochin international airport. We reached back to the airport by7.30 and reached Bangalore airport by 10.30 at night.

Even though Kerala and Bangalore have a number of things in common like the presence of industries and a number of constructions, the wildlife, and vegetation of Kerala is unique in its own ways. The state even after being developing into a business city holds in the potential to conserve and preserve the nature and biodiversity of the state without harming them. Kerala undoubtedly could be said as one of the best destination for nature lovers, bird watchers, adventure lovers, adrenaline junkies and heritage explorers. With a unique combination of a number of tourist elements, the land is, without doubt, one of the best tourist hubs to the southernmost tip of Kerala.

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