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A Special Luxury Train that Visits Indian Deserts Places


Surging through the captivating scene like a tempting lady from an ethereal world, the beauty and excellence of Palace on Wheels is preferable experienced rather than describe in words. To introduce the lavishness of Rajasthani kings to another world, Palace on Wheels has been wonderfully re-established. This extravagance luxurious Indian train offers an exceptional excursion through the astonishing territory of Rajasthan, New Delhi and Agra, three of the most favourite vacation plans. Palace on Wheels is a lavish introduction of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation which gives the impression of the imperial carriages owned by rulers of Rajasthan.

Comfort & Luxury

Splendid decor style, royal facilities, warm service, and breath-taking history makes the Palace on Wheels the fourth Best Luxury Train on the planet. Go for a walk through the most luxurious way with Palace on Wheels and bring home some precious memories.


While the inward stylistic layout of this world class rail shows the medieval time of India, the facilities given on the board is contemporary. That’s how innovation meets tradition. Each coupe of a guest is adorned with rich outfitting, silk wraps, perfectly cut wood framing, and counterfeit light apparatuses. Moreover, comfort cushioned beds, attached toilet and bathroom adds more solace to each excursion. Besides guest cabins or coupes, it has two dining cars, a spa, a bar, and a library-cum-relax room. Maharaja and Maharani, the two dining restaurants serve special recipes from Indian, Continental and obviously enticing Rajasthan. You can also bring home some invaluable souvenir of India from souvenir shop once your journey ends.

Rajasthan Thar Desert

Who can afford to miss out deserts when exclusively roaming Rajasthan? Surely nobody.When you are on the board of Palace on Wheels, the whole Rajasthan can be visited in a royal way.

The Thar Desert is one of the most awaited destinations while travelling on Palace on Wheels. The desert is mostly located in the state of Rajasthan and extended to the parts of Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. The sand of Thar covers 200,000

In the shining sand of the Thar Desert, the sparkling sandstone has conspicuously shaped Jaisalmer into an abandon wonderland. From the centuries, Jaisalmeris one of the enchantments of Rajasthan. Everything from the sunrise and the sunset, this desert has a specific gleam here and as the night plunges - the Golden City shines with such flavour that is impossible to miss. To get the booking on Palace on Wheels train, you can call us at +91 9810071704 or Email us at [email protected]

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