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NicoleMurphyDesigns Mother | Entrepreneur | Actress | Author
over 1 year Los Angeles, CA Story

Hey Nineteen,

NO, we can’t dance!  NO, we can’t talk at all!

YES, you think you know it all.  You think you are smarter than everyone else.  You think you have all the answers.  Guess what?  You don’t.  You have just returned from Europe working across the Globe modeling.  You’ve established a successful career working with most of the Hottest and Coolest designers in Fashion.  Now that you’re home, you are wondering what comes next.

I wish I could tell you all the wonderful things that are going to happen to you.  I would share my thoughts and feelings on the many interesting and exciting people that you will encounter.  I wish we could look back TOGETHER at your choices that will affect our lives in both positive and negative ways.  I would have loved to have given you support and guidance from ME – the woman that you will become.  I would have loved to tell you that it wasn’t okay to miss your last two years of High School.  It wasn’t cool to miss out on the College Experience.  They both can be important tools in expanding your Dreams while also creating special memories to look back at as you gracefully, grow older.  I am definitely proud of the modeling career and the success you achieved, but I wish I could tell you to stop and better prepare us for our own unique and magnificent future.  I wish I could tell you that within a year, you will meet the man that you will marry.  You will have a loving relationship that brings forth five beautiful children.  I wish I could tell you to better prepare for that relationship by building NOW on how to be a strong woman.  I wish I could prepare you on how to be a loving and supporting wife without sacrificing your voice of your own accord.  I wish I could tell you to be prepared to live a different lifestyle as you married a very talented artist….one who would become World Famous through his talents and thus your own personal anonymity would be gone as well.

I wish I could tell you to seek out and surround yourself with good, smart and trustworthy people to help you with the things that you specifically want to accomplish in life.  I see the eagerness that you have to be heard and the love you have to share your own unique talents.  I wish I could tell you to follow your dreams and try all of the things that interest you, because then it doesn’t feel like work.  I wish I could tell you at some point that you will start making jewelry as a hobby while pregnant.  I would let you know that your ‘hobby’ is a beautiful gift that can actually be turned into a business.  I wish I could tell you that life is going to bring you so many changes all at once.  DON’T be afraid.  STAY!  Embrace these changes as this is what will help shape your character and make you stronger.  DON’T rely solely on others for your molding your Life and remember that Trust is earned through time and experiences.  I wish I could share with you that, in some ways, your looks will be create a different set of difficulties in navigating our society which places such high-esteem on physical attributes before looking to the human being within.  I would advise you to prepare yourself for those who will look at you and the life you build and seek to tear down instead of helping with encouragement and support.  Most of all, I would want for you to truly KNOW that you ARE going to be alright.  I can promise you that despite all of the heartaches and pain intermingled with those magnificent years, you will persevere as you are already a strong woman.  You have just successfully conquered one goal and NOW you are ready to face every challenge that comes your way….as fast as you can DREAM!  But you must continue to dream and create and strive towards being the best woman that you can be.  I promise that your life will be a series of amazing highs balanced with the deep dark lows as that is simply the way of Life.   Hear me when I say that you will always rise because your foundation is strong and now it’s time to focus on your next phase. 

HOWEVER, the most important message I would say to you is to look within yourself and begin building those relationships within the vast community of women who are making their own mark on our world.  You will be MORE than a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.  You will succeed in life in all of these areas, but dare to add more on to your plate earlier on in life.  Be fearless by using your voice and power to steer YOURSELF towards creating and implementing your many Dreams.   Those that love you will always remain your biggest cheerleaders which will only help you with your personal innovation as a creator and woman.  Others you meet along the way will join you your journey and you will learn through trial and error who and what works best as you begin to establish your own creative identity as an artist.    As your daughters will look to you for inspiration, gather other powerful women around you that share your Mogul Values and Ambition so that we can build the future of the world together.

Love, Nicole

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Mother | Entrepreneur | Actress | Author

A mother, a model, an Executive Producer, a multi-dimensional entrepreneur --- Nicole Murphy is stepping out and engaging in exciting power moves in this new phase of life. It all began in Sacramento, California, where Nicole was born into a dynamic multicultural family with three brothers to an [...]

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