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Megan sashyl
Megan sashyl Blogger & Fashion expert
26d Story
9 cool ways cucumbers benefit your skin

Cucumbers are so delicious and nutritious that the humble fruit has been immortalised in song. But did you know cucumbers also offer amazing benefits when incorporated into your skincare routine? 

Aside from being packed with water to moisturise your skin, cucumbers also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and they’re packed with vitamins. That’s why cucumber is the key ingredient in natural skincare remedies like Okana’s Cucumber + Lettuce Toner mist

Here are some of the benefits you’ll discover when you incorporate cucumber-based products into your skincare routine: 

1. Keep your skin’s pH balanced

It’s important to keep your skin’s pH level around 5.5, which is mildly acidic and helps to maintain your skin’s protective barrier and keep it healthy. Cleansing can often shift this above 7 and into the alkaline end of the pH spectrum, especially if you overdo it. 

Cucumbers have the same pH as healthy skin. That means toning with cucumber products is an ideal way to return your skin to that optimal pH. It’s especially effective with a misting product, as this is the gentlest way to apply toner. 

Mist the toner over your skin several times, layer upon layer, then seal the hydration in with a good moisturiser. You’ll get amazing results!


2. Freshen your skin throughout the day

Unless you spend your days in a rainforest, it’s likely your skin will dry out during the day. Freshening up your skin a few times during the day is very refreshing and keeps your skin hydrated.

Keep a bottle of cucumber mist toner in your desk or bag. That way you can give yourself a rejuvenating mist every few hours. If you’re wearing makeup, mist sparingly — if not, be liberal for super hydration!

On hot days, keep your toner mist in the fridge for cooling along with your hydration!


3. Control acne breakouts

If your skin is prone to spots and acne, using a cucumber toner can help prevent breakouts.

Regular use of cucumber juice on your skin will keep excess oil under control. It also keeps your skin at the correct pH, which deters the growth of bacteria on your skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber can also help to soothe and reduce redness and swelling caused by acne.


4. Prevent wrinkles

Cucumbers are a potent anti-ageing remedy straight from nature. As well as helping to maintain hydration and overall skin health as we age, cucumbers also offer remarkable benefits specifically for holding back wrinkles:

  • Cucumbers contain high concentrations of silica, and that is great news for your skin. Silica is a key building block in collagen, the stuff that keeps your skin firm and smooth
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will protect your skin from free radical and keep it looking and feeling younger. You’ve guessed it already — cucumbers are loaded with vitamin C
  • Cucumbers also have properties that maintain and even increase the levels of elastin in your skin. Just as the name implies, elastin keeps your skin elastic and supple. That means tighter, younger looking skin.


5. Soothe burns and heal faster

For minor burns — the kind you might get cooking — cucumber is a great remedy. Once you’ve run the burn under cold water to stop further damage, mist some cucumber toner over the burn.

This will soothe the sting of the injury, and the silica and vitamin A in the cucumber will help the burn to heal quickly.


6. Recover from sunburn

With New Zealand’s high UV levels, it’s always good to have a remedy ready in case you get sunburned. Cucumber mist toner is a fantastic option. It delivers a pleasing coolness, as well as a host of vitamins to aid with your skin’s recovery.

Cucumber is also full of natural flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C — potent antioxidants that combat the cell damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.


7. Achieve even skin tone

If you’re trying to achieve a smooth, even complexion — or even on a quest to achieve ‘Glass Skin’ then you will want to reduce freckles, sun-spots, and other areas of hyper-pigmentation.

Using cucumber mist toner at least twice a day helps to even out your skin tone. Cucumber has a mild bleaching effect and regular application over time will even out your skin tone beautifully.


8. Reduce dark eye circles

Cucumbers are full of antioxidants that can be absorbed through the skin, including cucurbitacins, vitexin, orientin and isoscoparin.

Dermatologist Gregory Nikolaidis says that these antioxidants can help reduce the inflammation that causes puffiness and dark circles. So, resting cucumber slices over your eyes to freshen them up isn’t just an old wive’s tale!


9. Reduce pore size

Enlarged pores make your skin look coarse and less than youthful. They also tend to turn into blackheads as bacteria accumulates in them.

Cucumber juice is one of the best natural ways to treat enlarged pores. It also makes your skin feel tighter and firmer. 

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Megan sashyl
Blogger & Fashion expert

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