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Inna Shevchenko
Inna Shevchenko Marketing Manager for AirGMS
2mo Canada Story
8 Simple Ways to Protect and Safeguard Your Airbnb Property

“Be prepared,” a simple motto that urges us to think ahead, and plan ahead. Well, if it’s good enough for the scouts, then we don’t see why property owners can’t adopt the same sensible approach!

How safe and secure is your property? Have you spent enough time guarding against disaster? These may seem like ominous questions, but they are ones every vacation rental property owner should answer. Natural disasters and the like can happen without warning, don’t wait until adversity strikes, it will be too late to start putting in safety measures and making your home secure after the event. To get you started here are eight simple ways to protect your property:

1. Light It Up

Are your indoor and outdoor lights in good working order? Working lights keep your property out of the shadows, ensuring visibility remains good inside and out. A well-lit home tends to put off intruders, they don’t want to have to dodge bright exterior lights. If no-one is staying at your property it might be a good idea to invest in a couple of timer switches so you can set lights to come on and go off automatically (to give the impression that someone is at home). 

2. Equip It

Guard against emergency by making sure your property is well equipped. Does your property have a smoke detector? A carbon monoxide detector? A fire extinguisher? Each of these has the potential to guard against tragedy. It’s also imperative you have a first aid kit readily accessible (pick up a readily-assembled one or you can make up your own). It might also be wise to make sure emergency supplies are available such as a torch and extra blankets (handy if there’s a power cut)!

3. Communicate with Guests

Communication is key across the board when it comes to your guests (lack of effective communication can lead to complaints and all sorts of other problems)!  Plan ahead, make sure any guests staying at your property are aware of safety precautions or procedures that are in place. Make sure your guests have access to emergency telephone numbers too and know how to safely evacuate your property.  

4. Inspect It

Smoke alarms and the like are all very well and good but it’s important that you maintain systems by checking and replacing batteries etc on a regular basis. Make it a habit to check that everything is in good working order and carry out maintenance on time and thoroughly.

5. Familiarise Yourself 

Make sure you are familiar with the location of your property. It’s a good idea to keep abreast of local news, and if you aren't nearby a friendly local could be a great help in terms of keeping an eye on your property and acting as the first point of contact for any immediate problems that crop up. 

6. Lock It Up

You need to ensure guests can get in and out of your rental property without any hassle, and you don’t necessarily want to have to turn up to check them in and out. However, this doesn’t mean you have to leave a key under the mat for all and sundry to help themselves too! Invest in a key safe or similar to make sure your property stays secure. 

7. Insure It

Check that you have adequate cover for your property, you need to protect the building and the contents inside it. Don’t just plump for the cheapest insurance you can find, it’s essential you read the small print and are certain that the policy you choose guards against all potential risks. 

8. Set Ground Rules 

With so many guests coming and going you need to set a few ground rules in order to safeguard your property. If you don’t want parties or functions at your pad now is the time to make that clear! Outline the consequences of damage or breakages and set boundaries regarding pets etc. You can also remind guests of their responsibility for keeping your property secure by locking doors etc. 

You Can’t Predict the Future, But You Can Play it Safe!

None of us has a crystal ball, we can’t predict natural disasters or unforeseen problems that may affect our properties. However, you can put measures in place to guard against emergencies and secure your pad. Take precautions, avoid unnecessary risks and get the basics in place that will help to protect your rental property. 

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Inna Shevchenko
Marketing Manager for AirGMS

Inna has 10 years of experience in Marketing and Content writing specifically. Currently, she is Head of Marketing at AirGMS, an Airbnb management software company. Visit AirGMS blog to find more content from Inna:

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