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over 2 years Queensland, Australia Story
8 Natural Ways To Heal Your Sore Muscles Fast

Is severe back pain/neck pain/shoulder pain or pain in the waist is an everyday scenario for you? Do your routine physical activities involve strenuous muscular action? Well, chances are high that you might be having a sore muscle. Well, you don’t need to give up to these painful episodes and neither need to take any pain killer. Don’t strain yourself mentally! There are various home remedies for sore muscles out there which are not only natural but effective and quick too.

Why Healing of Muscles?

After any workout routine, proper rest and recovery are essential. If you are a sportsman, you need physical fitness in order to perform your best. But, if due to your earlier workout, you are experiencing sore muscles, here are the 8 natural ways, how to relieve sore muscles fast.

1) Get regular massages

No, you don’t need to take massages only when there is an injury or inflammation, but regular massages act both as preventive and prescriptive action. There might be tiny tears and ruptures caused to your muscle fibers when you take up vigorous exercises or indulge in any action that involves muscles. This may lead to an immune reaction known as inflammation and makes the muscles sore.

Studies reveal that when the muscles are massaged, there is a reduction in the production of cytokines which is responsible for causing inflammation. As per Dr. Tarnopolsky, massages suppress the pathways in inflammation and increase the mitochondrial biogenesis. Mitochondria are nothing but the tiny powerhouses inside the muscle cells which convert glucose into energy and are essential for the functioning and repairing of cells. Therefore, practice massage is one of the relaxation techniques for pain relief in the following way:

  • Simply massage on the affected area in circular motions. This will ease up the tightened muscles and help you feel better.

2) Change your sleep position

The answer to your question as to how to treat muscle tension might be hidden in your sleep position. Simply put, if the posture of your sleeping is bad, you may feel grumpier the next day. Consequently, instead of getting relaxed, your muscles will be more tensed. Here are a few sleeping positions that you can try:

  • Try to sleep on your back with both the arms up around your pillow to make your muscles relax.

  • You could also try sleeping in a reclining position if that works for you. This position would reduce stress on your lower back and would help in quick healing of muscles.

3) Take a long hot bath

Yes, this is an age-old therapy that you might have heard from your grandparents whenever you got any injury or pain. And it does work! The process is also called as ‘Hydrotherapy’ and involves taking a long hot bath. It will not only just make you feel refreshed but would also relax your muscles due to its neurological effect. Your entire body gets a net gain of heat. The artificial fever, so created has positive effects on your muscle knots. In order to get the full therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, you may adopt the following tips:

  • Send a self-message by releasing the muscle knots (triggering points), while taking up the hot bath.

  • Combine stretching with your hot bath. Stretching helps to flex the muscle knots to free themselves.

4) Avoid foods that can make your situation worse

The following foods are called ‘Whiteman’s death’, by Dr. Wallbridge. Therefore, to avoid inflammation, avoid the following five foods to heal your sore muscles:

  • Sugars, particularly the white sugar. Before adding jam to your breakfast, just think, how much sugar it contains. That will constrain you from taking the ‘deadly’ sugar.

  • Coffee is sure to add to a little likely energy. But, it is sure to increase the process of inflammation which is the main culprit for your muscle sore

  • Alcohol thrills but kills. By reducing the intake of alcohol, you can reduce the inflammation and triggers to a great extent.

  • Refined Grains, such as white pasta, white bread biscuits, cakes and noodles play an active role in adding to your inflammation.

  • Dairy products are harmful to those who are lactose intolerants. Moreover, milk may lead to inflammatory conditions, such as asthma and allergies.

5) Soak in Epsom salt

Soak the affected area in Epsom salt to fetch some quick relief. Epsom Salt is a mineral which is a compound of magnesium and Sulfate. Both are absorbable through the skin. Magnesium reduces inflammation and muscle pains, helps nerves and muscles to function and prevents the clogging of arteries. It also softens and smooths your skin. Sulfate absorbs nutrients, eases migraines and flushes toxins. Follow the following procedure to make the best use of Epsom salt:

  • Fill your water tub with warm water and put one and a half cup or two cups of Epsom salt into it.

  • Soak yourself in the tub for 10 to 20 minutes.

6) Use essential oils

Application of essential oils on the sore muscles reduce inflammation, encourages the flow of blood, blocks pain receptors and increases the mobility of everything contained in muscle.

  • Lavender essential oil

If you want to know how to relieve muscle tension in neck and shoulder, apply this oil on the affected areas and see the miraculous effects by yourself. Besides reducing inflammation, it calms your frayed nerves and reduces stress and swelling, alleviates pain and improves the circulation of blood.

  • Black pepper essential oil

If you apply it on the affected muscles, you will get immediate relief from pain, faster than you expected. It improves blood circulation to the area of pain.

  • Ginger essential oil

It lessens pain related to arthritis and muscular and joint pains. It directly interacts with the vanilloid receptors that are located on the sensory nerve endings.

  • Frankincense

It inhibits the production of main inflammatory molecules associated with muscular conditions. It also prevents the breakdown of cartilage and reduces inflammation.

  • Combo of essential oils

The ingredients required are 5 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of black or ginger oil, and 5 drops of frankincense essential oil and one drop of carrier oil (olive, coconut or Castrol or avocado oil). Mix and blend these oils in a bow. Rub these blended oils on the affected muscles. Make repetitive motions so that the oil gets well-penetrated into your skin. If the pain is severe, repeat the rubbing every hour.

7) Visit the chiropractor

Chiropractors make use of hands-on manipulation. They use this technique to align the musculoskeletal structure of your body; in particular, your spine. So, make a thorough research about who are the best chiropractors nearby and book an appointment accordingly. But you must ask the following questions before hiring a chiropractor:

  • Years of experience in his work

  • The process adopted by him

  • Side effects and complications involved

  • Duration of the treatment

  • Cost of each session of treatment

8) Limit your rest

Limit your rest for getting faster relief from pain caused due to sore muscles. If you want to make your muscles recover, it is necessary that you move them as much as you can. This might pain you at first, but you will notice the difference slowly and gradually.

Wrapping Up

All that being said, arriving at a remedy that actually works for you is a matter of hit and trial. One remedy might do wonders while other might not even affect slightly. Invest in a bit of time and see what is the ideal treatment, and if nothing works out, visit your chiropractor today.

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