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almost 4 years USA Story
7 Wonderful Things To Do In Switzerland

Switzerland - the gorgeous land where only the elite can survive comfortably. The destination that can be explored better by the rich as everything comes in so expensive. The place that you’d think of visiting only when you have a fat bank balance, if the aforementioned is what you’ve believed all the while then you’re sadly mistaken. The luxurious land is undoubtedly lavish with elegance and that pricey appearance, but, it also is generous enough to shower some of its best for less than a dime so every tourist could enjoy a piece of Switzerland. The god gifted country is wealthy with natural beauty magnificent architecture, blissful climatic conditions, and a lot more. Let me now surprise you with the many things to do in Switzerland for free.

Free Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Taste the Yummy Cheese

The cheesery in Affoltern is information, demonstration and a tasty treat for free. Ever thought of how your favorite cheese is made? Learn it here. At the cheesery you get a glimpse of cheese being made in all its stages – the cast metal vats, the brine baths, and the store rooms. There is also an audio guide played in the background. At the cheese shop here you can sample the many kinds of cheese, again, for free. You’d only have to shell out cash if you wish to buy some of it.

Spyri Museum

People often miss this one as you find it open only on Sunday afternoons for 2 hours. However, if you need to fill yourself in with absolutely any information about Johanna Spyri, creator of Heidi or Hirzel in Canton Zurich, you’d find it here. The museum is impressive, small, and free.

Old towns

There’s nothing like witnessing the old town areas in Switzerland. No matter which Swiss city you are vacationing in, almost all of the cities have well preserved their historic towns. While all the towns are great in their own special way, Murten and Stein am Rhein are exceptionally good.

English Garden

Looks like nature has been very kind to this city! The English Garden is proof to it. The major highlight of the garden is the massive Flower Clock (Horloge Fleurie). The beautiful piece is made from more than 6,000 different types of flowers and has a diameter of 16.4 feet. Every year you’d see a new design on the clock given by experts. Somehow this magnificent structure manages to look better than the one before each year. The garden makes for a great outing with folks and allows everyone to explore it for free.


Cathedrals are always a peaceful place to visit in any corner of the world. And in Switzerland you have sumptuous religious monuments. ‘Chagall’s magical windows’ in the Fraumünster is a much recommended visit in Zurich while the Bern West Portal would make you feel incomplete if left unvisited. These holy sites come for free of course and add to the beauty and tranquility of you Swiss vacation.

Fountain Fun

Watch scrupulously chilled, clean water flow straight from the Alps into the old fountains around Switzerland. The Blind justice, a bear in armor, and a baby-eating ogre are a few gorgeous fountains totally worth admiring. The water of the fountains is drinkable. You’d also spot people filling their bottles with the fountain water.

The Beauty of Geneva

A massive castle with magnificent architecture standing by a mesmerizing lake – sound fairytale like, doesn’t it? You can get a slice of this wonder for free on a visit to Geneva. The popular Château de Chillon exhibits exquisite views of the lake and its surroundings. The true beauty of Geneva lies in the lake and its breathtaking views. What’s better? The best of the city comes for free.

Switzerland is no doubt an expensive place to explore, however nature helps it drop that tag by flaunting its beauty for free while the history of the country has managed to keep the city affordable. Checkout this free itinerary maker to Plan your next trip.

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