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7 vacation tips to stay fit and not gain a single pound!

Whether you’ve recently lost weight for flaunting a beautiful summer body or have shed a few pounds to look slim in vacation pictures, nonetheless, it is never alright to bring back those pounds packed on you as a souvenir!

Vacations are awesome as they are the perfect getaways from daily alarm buzzers, mail man, milk man and definitely job duties! However, ironically, they are also the worst as they destroy your dieting willpower, working out consistency, add a tan overall and leave you bankrupt!

Nonetheless, the vacation gurus suggest that vacations and family holidays are the ideal times to polish the healthy habits. Why so? Think about it. Not only are we relaxed during the holidays but you sleep well, eat well, enjoy and spread a positive vibe, day and night. If we train our body during vacations, we can actually continue doing so on daily basis too!

For this reason, read on and learn about the 7 top tricks to not pack a single pound on the body, instead, become fresher and smarter for a revived look.

Get Your Feet Moving!

Moving your feet around the vacation spot, let's say, a city is the best way to sneak in calorie burn without forfeiting precious time off. Amp up your leisure stroll by brisk walking now and then and enjoy climbing stairs and inclined roads to keep those extra pounds off.
The idea is to take the long way by foot not only to explore the new places but also to stay smarter and fresher!

Control Hunger Pangs!

One thing that vacation brings with it is, untimely hunger pangs for the most unhealthy foods! You know what we mean. This year, curb your appetite by settling for lesser portions at a single meal time. If you feel hungry during waiting at the airport terminal, eat half a bar of chocolate and save the other half for later. Not only will your hunger pangs become tamed but you won't be adding too many calories in a single serving.

Pack Half of it!

We know how cool it is to discover new cuisines and scrumptious foods when you visit a new place, nevertheless, always remember that you need to fit into the same clothes you’ve packed for the vacation!
With that said, whenever you go out for a diner across the street, enjoy your meal in the best way possible but remember to eat only 1/2 of it or let's say, 3/4th of the total. Pack the remaining for later. Voila! The idea is to stick to portion control.

Supersize your H20!

The most important factor is to stay hydrated all day long and most of the vacationers forget about it. If you want to stay fit, active, fresh and full throughout the day, simply carry a water bottle with yourself wherever you go. Don’t forget to drink up to 10 glasses of water a day as you will be sweating it all off on the beach or during the shopping spree at the malls!

Plan An Activity

Shopping and relaxing are surely not the only things you can benefit from during your vacation. Plan a healthy activity for your family and burn calories effortlessly. Go out for trekking, swimming, water sports or simply play badminton. The idea is to sweat off the excess calories you’ve gained in a healthy, fun way.

Pack Handy Snacks

Packing handy snacks for your vacation can help save your hard earned money and also keep you full in the time of need. Handy snacks are namely seeds, nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, low-fat crackers, etc.

Go for Movies

Believe it or not, scary movies can burn our calories without us knowing about it! Dr. Richard ( Metabolism Specialist) suggested that as our body releases adrenaline during moments of fear or mere stress and it also helps curb our appetite while boosting the metabolic rate at a great level. The average movie watcher can lose up to 180 calories in one sitting! Amazing, right?

Remember to follow these 7 incredible calorie burning tricks on your vacation next time and wave the flabby fat goodbye!

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