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8mo Australia Story
7 Best Gifts for Travelers

Travelers seldom care about the holidays to start traveling and with several friends who are travelers, buying them gifts is tricky for some people. If you want to gift your friends who are travelers and nomads, then opt for something that is useful and also has a "wow" factor, something that brings unexpected happiness to them like a perfume or a portable tent, or better still, portable chargers. Here are some of the best gifts that I could find for travelers.

1. Portable Chargers

Nowadays with smartphones usage, most travelers run out of juice as they use mobiles throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than a phone with no battery life or an easy way to charge it. Hence portable chargers are always mandatory for travelers and a lifesaver while . With adapters for popular phones, choose a portable charger that is compatible to their smartphones.

2. Travel Sheets

Travel sheets are much preferred in UK, since some travelers are never happy with the questionable bedding that they find in hotels or guest houses. These travel sheets are immensely comfortable, and can be folded into a tiny sleeve. Some of the travel sheets have blanket covers too.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

Travelers who are book lovers would love the e-readers, so that they can read their book collection anywhere. With Kindle Paperwhite, one can have the best e-reader that is perfect for traveling and provides an ideal reading experience. One can buy books directly from the device itself, thus proving to be a who is a book lover!

4. Noise-canceling headphones

Most of the travelers would love to hear some music while travelling and thus improve their mood. With a pair of headphones, they can enjoy any major trip even more. They also make a good difference especially while traveling abroad or just when one needs some idle time in a natural habitat. They can listen to their music without the surroundings disturbing them. Check out the best brands and your budget while buying them.

5. USB power outlets

Some guestrooms never have as many outlets as you need. So you can buy one handy USB power outlet that can help you charge your electronic gadgets and their portable chargers too.

6. Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

If your traveler friends experience motion sickness, gift them a blend of essential oils that can help calm their stomachs. One just has to sniff them and then can be ready for endless number of bus rides, trains, and taxis without any worry.

7. First Aid Kits

For travelers who are hikers and trekkers, it is but natural to get hurt or get bruised especially while making that almighty climb up the hill. Get a handy first aid kit that can attend to their health at all times. These kits can include ointments, pain sprays, emergency tablets and so on.


Buying gifts for travelers is not so hard after all. Just blend in some useful thing with an innovative twist and they will love it!

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