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2y Queensland, Australia Story
6 Ways Technology Has Improved Our Standard Of Living Drastically

You wake up with the alarm and start running on a treadmill. In the meantime, the geyser is ready with the lukewarm better. You get ready and your car is already waiting for you at the door. Does this sound different? No. Technology today has occupied our lives so seamlessly that we hardly even realize its significance in our everyday life.

Technology has completely changed the way we live our lives. The more advanced technology gets, the more information and means are available to us to improve our lifestyle. It has also helped us invariably in improving our health by facilitating us with cool gadgets to help us keep in shape.

The advanced software and technology help us break the pattern of our bad habits and improve the quality of our life. Let us take a closer look at how exactly this has been possible.

1. Get access to unlimited information on a single tap

Earlier it was very hard to get the required piece of information that we need to help us out in any situation. Be it health, lifestyle, or any other aspect of life, one needed to look through books to understand a concept. However, this is not the case anymore, thanks to the vast amount of information that is easily available on the internet.

One can look for any piece of information on the internet and get a thorough understanding of it in a matter of minutes.  This knowledge has helped us understand things related to our health and has improved our standard of living drastically.  

2. Expanded our knowledge base

There is a drastic change in the way people look at health and well-being today. We are more aware of the various lifestyle related health issues and have the information on how to take care of them. People have become more health conscious over the last decade since the boom of technology and the internet. Technology gives us the understanding of how to take better care of ourselves and stay healthy and fit. Anyone can gain complete knowledge of the condition he or she has and understand ways to deal with it and the lifestyle changes required to get out of it.

3. Save money on the go

Smart home systems are also one of the amazing technologies that have helped us in improving the quality of our life. These systems, although initially expensive, help us save money, time and energy in the long run.

These systems are designed to adapt to your lifestyle efficiently. All the controls are at your fingertips. They help you save water, electricity and time as they can be customized as per your needs. Smart security systems help you feel safe and carefree even if you are away from home. You can even link all your gadgets together and have a single point of control. What more can one ask for?

4. Improved medical care

The health care has also changed drastically since the evolution of internet and technology. The awareness about medicine and treatments has increased considerably due to the advancement in technology and easy access to information. Medical institutions are now finding it a lot easier to install the latest equipment and machines. Therefore, the facilities available to the patients have improved dramatically. Research and further studies in the field of health have become advanced and have discovered cures for many diseases. 

5. Helps you get rid of bad habits

The large amount of information that is available on the internet has led us to become more aware of the habits that can be harmful to our health. We now know the exact effects a particular habit can have on our wellbeing. The internet and technology also provide us with the solutions and methods to help us get rid of these habits.

For example, let’s talk about smoking. This awful habit has been around for a very long time. However, more and more people are now getting aware of the harmful and deadly effects that smoking can have on our health.

Researchers have developed many technologies that can help you in giving up this habit. Vaping and electronic smoking is one of them. Electronic cigarettes helps in quitting smoking. Not only smoking but the technology today can also help you in getting rid of habits like excessive drinking and eating with the help of various applications that are available on your handhelds.

6. Better overall health

Although many may argue this point, technology undoubtedly has helped us in improving our physical and mental health. Various applications and gadgets are available in the market today that help us in maintaining and monitoring our health.

Gadgets like Fitbit help you track your movements and tell you exactly how much more calories should you burn. Lack of sleep is one of the common problems that many face in today’s stressful life. Technology has come to the rescue here as well. There are applications that can track our sleep patterns and give us tips on how to improve the same. These applications help you narrow down the exact problems with your sleep patterns.

Further, there are various IoT gadgets that help us in the course of our physical training. They suggest and monitor the number of hours and pattern of exercises and guide us in doing even better.  This is one of the huge advantages and contribution of technology towards making our lifestyle and health better.

Your Turn

The bottom line here is that technology has improved the quality of our life drastically. It has undoubtedly made our day-to-day tasks much simpler and hassle-free. It has also helped in expanding our knowledge base considerably, in addition to, helping us in quitting our bad habits. Be it health care or communication, the advancement in technology has only improved the quality of our life.

What are your views on this? How do you use technology to improve the standard of your living? Do let us know in the comments.

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