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Jandy's Knowledge
Jandy's Knowledge Single Mom of a 4 year old
8mo Prairie Grove, AR, United States Story
6 Valentines Day Books You Should Read

The Fault in our Stars- a wonderful story of romance between two teens with terminal illnesses. If you are looking for a good cry and a good laugh this book will do both. Your Augustus Waters is out there if you have not already found him. 

Wuthering Heights- Heathcliff and Catherine a classic that must be read. Back when Wuthering Heights was published, it was said to be a "vulgar" book. It's about an eternal romance. 

Pride & Prejudice- This Jane Austin classic is a must read for any true English literature collection. Elizabeth and Darcy are not the only two to fall in love. 

Jane Eyre- by Charlotte Brontё another classic that will have you thinking about why you fell like Edward's character is writen into other love stories. Jane finds more that she could have wished after living without for so long. 

The Notebook- If you've not seen the movie do that today too. The book, as per usual, is better the ending is unexpectedly different. Noah and Allie are two that most everyone feels like they know in real life. None of Nicholas Sparks's books are like this one. 

Outlander- if you like to be taken back in time this wonderful period piece will not only take you back to the Second World War-era then back to 18th century Scotland. 

These are just a few ideas for you this Valentines Day. This list is from the list of book I have read. 

 Are there any books you think I should add or I should read?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Report this post
Jandy's Knowledge
Single Mom of a 4 year old

It is because I find the written word so very compelling that I want to share my story with you. I am single mother of a 4 year old boy. Just because I am single does not mean I am not an amazing mother. I get both roles of mother and father and yes that can be stressful. Learn, Do, Teach. I [...]

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