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6 Tips to Relax After an Intense Workout

Did you just finish a killer workout regime at the gym? Way to go!

Basking in in the post workout glow and the risen adrenaline is one of the several amazing benefits of exercise. But that’s not all. What about some other after-effects that aren’t so enjoyable?

While burnt calories and facial glow can be quite satisfying, the negative after-effects of an intense workout can be extremely demanding on your body. An intense workout can leave your body aching and fatigued.

The most intriguing effects of exercise include the release of endorphin that make you feel energized and refreshed, but the wear and tear of muscles can leave you feeling worn-out and sore at the same time. The recovery process of the body induces inflammation, pains, and aches that often makes it difficult to go through the day without complaining. The key to avoiding this is to allow the body to relax after a tiresome workout.

The post-exercise sapped feeling isn’t something you want to suffer for a long time. Here are 6 simple and easy tips to help your body relax and cope with a strenuous workout.

1. Cool Down with Stretching

Stretching is one of the most underrated steps in the post-exercise routine. Often, people skip post-workout stretching which is, in fact, extremely necessary to help bring the body back to its normal temperature. Stretching is a great way to relieve muscular tension and effectively downplay the soreness that you may experience after an intense workout. Post-workout stretch makes the body flexible and helps the contracted and constricted muscles to come back to their original form. If your workouts include heavy weights, post-workout stretching exercises are especially needed on a regular basis to observe better results in the long term.

2. Take Hot Tub Baths

Who doesn’t like a hot tub bath? It can be great for post-workout relaxation. The moisture-and-heat combination warms up your body and relaxes your tired muscles. A hot tub bath can relax your body faster than sauna as it allows the contracted muscles to relax sooner. Add massaging jets to the hot tub and target the pressure points to feel the stress melting away from the body. If intense workouts are a regular part of your routine, investing in a good hot tub will be prudent. It allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge yourself for the day ahead.

3. Enjoy a Massage

Vigorous workouts often cause minute tears in the muscle fibers of the body. When your body starts to heal the injured muscles as an immune reaction, the results include inflammation, aches, and pains. Post-workout massage isn’t only meant to make you feel good, it also acts as a pain reliever, helps in releasing muscle tension, aids in recovery, and enhances flexibility. Another great advantage of getting a massage after a strenuous workout is its ability to eliminate toxins from the body. During the workout, the body has a tendency to accumulate lactic acid that contributes to muscle soreness. A good post-workout massage helps in flushing it out from the muscles.

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4. Meditate

It is a proven fact that meditation can be used to influence the way your body reacts to exercise and enhance your physical performance. During an intense workout, the body releases high amounts of cortisol. Cortisol, in small amounts, is good for improving mood and protecting your body cells against stress. However, when it is produced in high amount, it does the opposite. As a result, a lot of people feel mentally clouded and experience inflammation post an intense workout. Meditation helps in quickly bringing down the cortisol levels and maintains the body’s balance. Meditation also helps in reducing pains and aches along with further aiding the recovery.

5. Lay Down in a Dark Room

This may sound boring to most people, but laying down in a dark room in a relaxed pose helps the body in recovering from the intense workout trauma. There’s no specific position that needs to be adhered to, you can simply lay down flat or support your posture with a miia body pillow. The idea is to give your body rest and the much-needed time and support to recover from workout stress. If laying down in a dark room is not possible, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You’ll be surprised with the positive effects of this simple technique.

6. Go for a Walk

Although going for a walk after a tiring workout may not seem like a good idea, but the fact is that taking a relaxed 20-minute walk post the workout session helps the body in getting rid of the excess lactic acid accumulated during exercise. Also, you burn further calories through walking. Walking after a workout helps in promoting recovery and preventing muscle cramps as well.


Recovery is a vital component of any fitness goal. Irrespective of whether you perform an intense or a light exercise, it is important to give the body ample post-workout recovery time. Providing the body with the required time to recover from the strain helps in achieving the desired results from exercise in the long term.

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