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6 Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling.

6 Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling. #4 Is Usually Forgotten

Travelling anytime soon? Now, that’s great.

We hope you have the time of your life over there. Explore all you can before you get back too so that you never regret missing out on anything. 

We suppose you’ve packed your luggage and you’re ready to go too. Before you step out of the house, though, take a moment to check if you haven’t forgotten to pack any of these.

Device Chargers

One thing you don’t want is your devices running out on juice when you’retraveling. Worse than that is not having a way to get their juices back up. That makes your chargers one of the most important things to ensure you’ve packed.

For mobile devices/ USB-charging units, we advise getting yourself a dual/ multiple USB charger so as to ease all the packing and unpacking you would be doing. 

These chargers also help you use space better. Afterall, youdon’tknow how many electrical outlets will be made available to you.


This is only for those who are on special medication. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the excitement of your travels that you forgetto packyour medications. 

It is even advisable to speak with your personal doctor first and let them know where you will be going, and for how long. Should you need additional meds/ have to lay off some of your current prescription, your health practitioner will be able to tell you that.


A journey is never complete without a good set of headphones. For those who are travellinglongdistances, these headphoneswill come in handy when ensuring you don’t get bored out.

With your headphones, youcan recline into your own world of audio or visual entertainment while the ride progresses.

The headphones could be skipped if you are travelling with a group so that you don’t come off as antisocial. However, it never hurts to hold them just in case.


Did we mention packing a VPN in your digital suitcase with you yet? If we haven’t, this is probably the best time to let you in on that. 

When you travel out of your country, there is a high chance that your access to some content gets blocked. This is due to geo-restrictions which have been put around such content.

The country you are traveling to could also have imposed censorship on the internet. That is not to mention the need to anonymize yourself when browsing from anywhere so as to prevent data breaches. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a VPN. In fact, you can look for VPN discounts that take up to half the price off, and you are good to go.


It is a common (and safe, might we add) practice to have money wired to the country you are travelling to and go cash it out when you get there. There is no telling what small expenses will come up in the course of your journey though. 

So that you don’t get stranded, it is advised that you hold spare cash at hand to handle minor expenditure on the road.

Phrase Book

It gets interesting when you are traveling to a country where their locallanguage is different from yours. A phrase book might not teach you all you need on the language of the people, but it wouldhelp you get by fast enough. 

Catch up on how to say greetings, express appreciation and concern, and you would be halfway into making your stay a memorable one. Look at how you can piece your requests together too and learn the ones most common to you.

You will be able to wing the rest as you go on with your stay.

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