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smartypants Blogger
almost 2 years Australia Story
6 Crazy Rock Falls and How They Happened

6 Crazy Rock Falls and How They Happened

Dangerous roads and Rocky Cliffs posing a danger to traffic and pedestrians are nothing new. Every year we see rockslides, Rhodes falling in and damage done to countless communities as result of Rock Falls.

While a loss of life is always tragic, the reasons vary. Sometimes it is the sheer surprise and magnitude of the event. Other times it is, at least in part, the foolishness of those watching on.

Here are six memorable rock falls to remember, and hopefully learn from.

Guiyang, Chin

When traffic was stopped just short of the highway, the drivers were incensed. 

They wanted to be on their way but the highway patrol inspectors had stopped them in urgency. And within a matter of minutes, the section of the highway was bombarded with rocks as huge boulders fell from the mountain.

The first rock slide had barely ceased when another huge part of the mountain gave way. 

Officials were quickly contacted, and the debris was removed with the help of rockfall professionals.

Had the place been guarded off with fences and supports, this accident might not have happened. The video is worth a watch! 

Brisbane, Australia

A 300 tonne massive boulder fell on the Cunningham Highway and blocked the road for all traffic.

Thankfully, the injury tally was zero, but many cars had narrow misses since the boulder landed just around the corner of the pass, masking it from the driver's’ sight.

The officials were aware of the unstable rock face, and yet they didn’t employ any rock fall protection solutions.     

Bellingen, Australia

A man was just returning home from his girlfriend’s house late at night. He was sleepy and wanted to reach home as soon as possible. In his haste to reach home, he was even driving a little more than the speed limit.

Dreaming of his cosy bed, he turned a corner and couldn’t believe what he saw in front; a huge boulder in the middle of the road. Luckily, he was able to brake on time and barely missed hitting the boulder.

He quickly informed the authorities who discovered that the rock had fallen off the mountains on the side and had rolled onto the road.

Wonder what would have happened had he failed to react! By morning, the boulder was removed by the authorities, who then decided to plan for better rock fall protection.

Nobbys Head, Australia

The continuous rock fall at Nobbys Head has been going on for years, a century to be precise. And yet, even today, there are signs on the beach that warn people of falling rocks.

In Australia, we have a number of rockfall protection specialist, organisations like Sydney, NSW, Ground Stabilisation Systems who are masters in civil construction, rockfall services and mining.

In this case, it seems no safety or protection for the fragile cliff face had been sought.

Simple ways for rockfall protection (netting or fencing) could be employed to prevent this natural phenomenon from becoming a disaster.

Mel De La Niva, Switzerland

The snowy mountain tops looked peaceful enough when suddenly the ground shuddered.

The skiers nearby all stopped and watched in amazement as a large rock on the nearby mountain fell over.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but for the people there that day, it was one incredible sight that was hard to forget.

Austinmer, Australia

A company was hard at work to build a resort at Brickyard Point. Their excavation was going quite smoothly when suddenly. 

Rocks started falling off from the cliff. Tonnes of stone fell off from the cliff and witnesses told that the stones propelled quite close to where the families were playing on the beach.

Although the construction team says they aren’t at fault, the question remains that why the construction work was going on without properly securing the area for rock fall protection.

Later on, the debris was cleaned up by a hired rockfall protection service.

The one thing common in all these incidents is that there was no serious casualty due to the rock fall.

Simple methods such as drape nets, diversion dams, and rockfall catchment fences can and are used today. They are still needed and, apart from common sense They have been the best means of protecting us from these accidents.

 Image: Pixabay CC0 License

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Smarty Pants lives in Australia and is a full-time blogger. who enjoys swimming and hanging out with his kids.

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