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5 Ways to Make Money Online

A lot of people say that it is tough to make a living these days. Sure, there aren’t often a lot of traditional jobs out there, but the Internet has given us plenty of new opportunities. Today, anyone can make extra money online, and a lot of people are earning a full time living. The trick is to be careful, because there are also a lot of scams out there. You need to do your research, and find the online money making opportunities that really are legitimate. We’ve found five totally legit ways to make money online.

1. Write and Sell E-Books

If you like to write, and you can write about topics that people are interested in, you can make some pretty good money writing and selling e-books. The most popular are how-to books that teach people how to do something. Technical topics seem to be the most sought-after. You can sell e-books through Apple’s iTunes Connect and Amazon’s Kindle program. One of the great things about this is that it won’t cost you a lot of money. It just takes time, because you have to write and market your e-books.

2. Sell Audiobooks

You can use Audible to sell audiobooks, which are getting more and more popular all the time (even more popular than e-books). Again, it seems that the most popular are audiobooks that are about technical topics. Get started by writing an e-book, and then turn it into an audiobook, using a platform such as Audible’s ACX. You will hire a producer, who will either be paid by the hour or through a royalty share program. The latter is best, because you don’t have any out of pocket expenses to hire a producer.

3. Freelance Your Services

You can use sites such as Upwork and 99Designs to sell pretty much any professional service you can think of. For instance, if you have a lot of experience in graphic design, you can use these sites to sell your services or freelance. 99Designs is specifically for graphic design. Upwork is for most other professional services. Keep in mind that there are thousands of other people using these sites, so the competition can be pretty fierce. You will probably need to accept your fair share of low-paying, one-off jobs until you earn a reputation as a talent in your field.

4. Sell Stuff Online

There are all kinds of websites where you can sell unwanted and unused items. Now, you may be thinking that this is just a one-time thing, because you only have so much you can sell. But, there is a way that you can turn this into a side business. Gather up any old electronic gadgets you are no longer using, such as a laptop, an iPhone, etc. Sell them online at Sell My iPhone, and make money fast. Ask friends and family members to sell you their unwanted gadgets at low prices, then make a profit here. You can start collecting items from around the neighbourhood, advertise to buy old electronics, etc., and then flip them for profit.

5. Be an Online Tutor

If you have a lot of knowledge in certain academic areas, such as history, mathematics, English, etc., you can share that knowledge online with students who need tutoring. Online tutors can make a lot of money. You can basically set your own rates, and some tutors are making upwards of $30 per hour. If you only tutor for 10 hours each week, there is an additional $300 a week. And, not only are you making money, you are helping someone else learn and achieve their educational goals. You may use sites such as or Wyzant.

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  • jackie1993
    6mo ago

    I like your dynamism! So many things that can get us going!

    I like your dynamism! So many things that can get us going!

  • jackie1993
    6mo ago

    I like your dynamism! So many things that can get us going!

    I like your dynamism! So many things that can get us going!

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Report this post

Writer from San Francisco.

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