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JamyyJon Writer & Blogger
6mo United States Story
5 Birthday Themes For Boys

Who doesn't love a good birthday party? It's a great event to celebrate your kids’ special day and also have fun. It is always a lovely affair to organize your kids’ birthday party, call his friends, play and have a gala time. Themed birthday parties are becoming the latest trend these days. With it there comes various themes for both boys and girls. The themes decide the cake, decoration and even the clothes and games for the party.

Here we help you out with 5 themes for you can use for your boy’s birthday bash.

1. Superhero theme

One of the most favorite things of a boy are his superheroes. The fan frenzy for such characters have gone up tremendously in recent years. With the movies coming and becoming global hits, could birthday themes be far behind.  Birthday themes for little boys went up the ante with superhero themes.

Have your house decorated with showpieces of your favorite superheroes. Have the Superman ‘S’ shield as wall hangings, get wallpapers of your favorite Avengers. Have streamers with faces of the Ninja Turtles, get masks for your guests. There many party planners who favor superhero themed parties over every other theme.

2. Pokemon theme

If you wanna catch 'em all you gotta organize a Pokemon theme. One theme that can never go out of trend is Pokemon. Anyone and everyone loves Pokemon's. Be it the cool Squirtle, the flaming Charizard or the cute Jigglypuff. How can we miss everyone’s favorite- the Pikachu. Have Pokeball shaped balloons, swirls, confetti for the party with props, games. 

For party food you can have customized desserts, cakes and muffins in shapes of Pokeball's

If you want to add something unique why not have a Pinata shaped as a Pikachu or a simple Pokeball.

3. Toy story theme

Toys took a whole new dimension with the release of the Toy story series. Buzz lightyear, sheriff Woody and their friends became household names with the movies.

If your boy loves action figures he will definitely love the toy story theme. It is one of the most easiest themes to organize as the characters are mostly your normal day toys. With party planners taking the decor and planning to next level your kiddo is sure to enjoy this themed party.

4. Super Mario Theme

Classics will always remain classic and what better example than our old red-capped plumber. Super Mario was one of the best games ever and a birthday party based on it would surely make the party more exciting and wonderful. 

With Mario and Luigi based decorations there can be no worries for your party planning. Good food, decor, gifts, stampers, favor kits and games on the Super Mario Game are definitely worth a shot.

5. Sports theme

Boys love sports. Be it rugby or soccer or baseball, a sports themed party for a boy can never go wrong. One can have party plates with emblems of your boy’s favorite NFL, NHL or NBA leagues, have the banners and mini flags to decorate the house. 

The cake can be customized to look like a rugby ball or you can have large gingerbread made as baseball bat. With dedicated professional party planners it will be no problem for you to organize your boy’s themed party.

Birthdays are special occasions for your little boys. With the above party themes you can make this day special for him and his friends.

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