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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Rowing Machines

The rowing machine is a fitness equipment developed to simulate the movements of a rowing boat on water. Many local gyms have introduced these machines, thereby making the sport quite popular. This means that even when one does not have access to a boat or water, he or she can still enjoy the health benefits that rowing boats offer.

Although each studio may have its own approach to how members use the machine, rowers are often asked to stay in sync when rowing. However, one can still use the rowing machine individually. Here are five key benefits that you get for using a rowing machine.

1. Strengthening of the Cardiovascular System

When using a rowing machine, one is required to engage various body muscles. This is greatly helpful since it improves cardiovascular fitness. With this, one can expect a faster heart rate and better metabolism in the body. When this happens, the changes may start reflecting on the outside with a slimmer body and a toned look.

The operation of the lungs also improves, providing more oxygen to the blood, the heart, and the body. This means that one can give a wide berth to the heart disease and other issues related to the respiratory system. A mere thirty minutes of exercises every day are enough to achieve these benefits. The endorphins, which are released during exercise, also improve one’s mood and the quality of sleep. It also strengthens the immune system and increase in stamina.

2. Enhancing Blood Circulation in the Body

Since rowing engages various parts of the body, one can expect better flow of blood after exercising. When blood flow is improved, common benefits include increased concentration, better focus, and less fatigue. Better blood flow also has remarkable benefits in the brain since it increases the intake of oxygen and nutrients. A healthy brain often equals a stable body system.

3. Very Effective Exercise done with Less Effort

Rowing is unique in that it employs almost all body muscles. Therefore, exercise done within a small time period can have wide implications in the body. For example, one is required to use the legs, the arms, and the back when rowing. This can be especially beneficial for people who spend most of their day hunched forward at their work-desk.

Another factor is that rowing is a fairly low impact sport. As such, the chances of suffering from injuries during exercise are very minimal. Compared to other sports that achieve similar results, it’s quite safe.

4. Offers Special Focus To The Lower Body Workout

While rowing affects most parts of the body, its impact of the lower body is more intensive. It is primarily a lower-body exercise. The muscles affected by the exercise include those in the buttocks, in the calves, and the thighs. Over time, one can achieve strong legs and the glutes (buttocks) look well-toned.

Lower body exercise also burns more calories than in most other parts of the body. It also encourages increased flexibility and balance in the body. Due to the extent of movement in the muscles and joints, stiffness are reduced and one feels much more flexible after exercising. This is especially useful for individuals who spend most of their day with no exercise.

5. Weight Loss Benefits

When the use of the rowing machine is done regularly, one can burn more calories, turning them into muscle. On average, one can burn up to 600 calories within an hour. This shows just how effective rowing can be compared to the use of other home gym machines.

Rowing can burn twice as many calories as a steeplechase runner with just two thirds of the total distance covered. The rowing machine, however, greatly reduces wear and tear on the body. People who may find it hard to employ engaging exercises due to weight issues will find rowing very fulfilling.

As you can see, the use of the rowing machine has numerous health benefit and it can be used by anyone, including older people. Part of the reason why the rowing machine has become popular is the fact that it’s convenient, easy to use, and fun, especially when its done with other people. There is no complicated machinery to deal with and you don’t need to have experience of using a rowing boat. 

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