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Sean Mayor
Sean Mayor Hobby writer, guest blogger, creative writer.
6mo United Kingdom Story
4 Hacks to Find a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

Are you selling or buying a house? Whichever you’re going for, you’ll need a trustworthy real estate agent to achieve your desire. But, finding one isn’t as easy as you think.

It goes far beyond just hanging a signpost beside the road or building an attractive website with beautiful and enticing testimonials. In fact, if you’ll going to have a good experience with any real estate agent, you should know what steps to take to find a really trustworthy one.

Note: your agents will be helping you through the whole selling and buying processes and is fully ready to answer all questions that may arise before you close the deal. So, the REALTOR should have a perfect understanding of the pros and cons of buying and selling of properties in your area offering good suggestions on the go.

Now I think the question running through your mind is “how do I find a trustworthy agent”?

Of course, it’s a forward question but the answer isn’t too far from understanding all the functions of a professional realtor.

Here are 4 tips you can use to find a trustworthy agent in your area:

Check Their Listings

One of the simplest ways to identify a truly professional and trustworthy agent is to check out their listings in your area. The number of listings on their chat indicates their level of experience and ambition but you must be very careful while dealing with such agents keeping in mind they could neglect your contract should they place higher priorities on other properties.

Get References from Their Past Clients, Families or Colleagues

Word of mouth or reference from families, previous clients, friends and/or colleagues is another simple trick to finding a trustworthy agent. Before taking any steps towards reaching out to an agent or closing the deal, ask friends, families or colleagues and their previous clients for some references. If their clients have something good to say about them or some of your friends and family members have used their services before, they should have something they like about them which most likely indicate what experience you’ll have with them too. You can also ask your previous agent for some recommendations in your new location. If they have a network of realtors, they should be able to link you up with a trusted one in the area.

Consider How Good You’d Want Them to Be

Most of the times, you may not need all the qualities others consider good before moving forward with an agent. There could be some things they place priorities on while seeking a real estate agent which doesn’t hold same to you. Try as much as possible to evaluate how good you think they should be to you and what areas of their services may appeal to you most. Should they be the most ethical? Have the highest qualifications and years of experience? Or would you prefer the best customer experience? Consider how good you want them to be and go for your highest priorities. You wouldn’t dare trust your property with someone you aren’t comfortable with.

Check if they’re Licensed or if Their License is Up-to-date

I don’t think you should risk this one.  A trustworthy and reliable agent should be fully licensed and up-to-date. Don’t be shy or intimidated to ask if they’re licensed or currently updated. However, if you feel they won’t be comfortable with the questions which I believe it’s your right to know, you can quickly look them up on your state realtors’ department website to know if their license is up-to-date searching for the agent’s name and if the agent has faced any disciplinary action(s) you’ll find it there as well.

Don’t only play smart, play safe too.

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Sean Mayor
Hobby writer, guest blogger, creative writer.

I'm a professional and hobby writer with over 6 years writing experience. A freelance writer at Fiverr and Upwork.

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