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mariamcavoy Blogger
3mo United States Story
3 Ways Owning a Puppy is good for Your Health

There are a number of benefits to owning a puppy, not only are they lovable and sociable creatures but it has also been proven that they are good for your health as well. 

This article will explore three ways that science has backed up this fact and how owning a puppy could mean you lead a healthy and happier life. 

1. A Puppy Will Keep You Active

Anyone who has ever been around a young puppy will know just how energetic they can be. Puppies are still in a stage of exploration and this curiosity usual manifests itself in wanting to be on the move all day, every day.

For you as there new owner this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact for someone looking exercise more regularly, a puppy can be the perfect excuse. 

This is probably why it has been found that dog owners are far more likely to have regular exercise routines than non-dog owners. 

Not only will a puppy mean you get more exercise but studies have also shown that walking a puppy also leads to owners walking at a quicker pace, so not only are you getting more exercise but it is better quality than just going for a stroll on your own. 

2. Added Responsibility  

Looking after a puppy means added responsibility, but this can in fact, be a benefit and not a drawback. Having someone else to look after in your life has been linked with an increase in gratitude, and that will definitely be the case with the amount of love your puppy will give you. 

Instead of being a stressful affair, looking after your puppy can be straightforward if you have the right kit and tools at hand. 

Raising a puppy can be just as demanding as bring up a small child and so ensuring you have a healthy and happy pet should be of paramount importance. 

To ensure your puppy is healthy you should carry out regular grooming checks. It is recommended that you choose a specialized puppy shampoo to care for your pet as the PH level of shampoo products designed for humans is completely different to that needed to care for your new pet’s skin. 

Not only will your puppy make you more thankful but there is a proudness that only comes from helping others and that is exactly the same as helping nurture a puppy as well. 

3. Snuggle Time Has Added Benefits

Not only is snuggling up with your puppy after a long day at work one of the best things ever but it also has a number of added benefits as well. 

Snuggling up to a puppy has been found to lower stress levels in owners as well as being great for decreasing blood pressure. 

We’re sure we’re not alone in needing to blow off some steam every now and then but instead of reaching for that bottle of red wine you might just need a puppy in your life to pet every now and then. 

So there you have three real quick, science-backed ways that owning a puppy is good for your health. 

There are actually, even more, ways that owning a young pup is good for you but hopefully, this article is a useful start to get you thinking about whether or not it is the right decision to add a puppy to your family.

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1 comment

  • Kelly Hudson
    3mo ago

    I love animals so much and have really grown to like dogs. @mariamcavoy are there breeds that are more low maintenance? 

    I love animals so much and have really grown to like dogs. @mariamcavoy are there breeds that are more low maintenance? 

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