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Musicaladventuretrekking Nepal based trekking agency and specilized for trek and tour for Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet
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2018 Tiji Festival Trek | Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

Tiji Festival, an annual ritual celebrate on shade of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan range called upper Mustang in center-north Nepal. The upper mustang region is culturally, linguistically and geographically relevant with Tibetan. A twelve-monthly occasion especially celebrated and take a part group of the Buddhist monks and aboriginal people.
International travelers allowed to visit forbidden kingdom from 1992 but Michel Peissel from France had mention in his travel book Mustang “A lost Tibetan kingdom”, he traveled to Upper-Mustang and witnessed elaborate festival in 1964. He said “The scenes I witnessed were so extraordinary and so unexpected that I dared not believe my eyes and even today I have some trouble in believing in the reality of what I saw that day”. 3 day's monks chanting and dancing at back age Lamanthang village is the highlight of the Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek. 3 days ritual where monks will be dressed in a gold, blue, yellow and red brocade gown in which was plaited the image of Mera, the god of death with red and yellow head. The festival is usually marked “Teeji” is the condensed form of a term ‘Tempa chhirim’ which literally means prayer for peace in the world.

Three day's festival in fact, honors the triumph of Buddha’s personification in Dhorji Sonam over an evil spirit named Ma Tam Ru Ta, a Waxman eater. The devil also caused rainstorm and droughts to devastate people’s livestock as well as houses. The dance actually is in the form of play to perform- the birth of Dhorji sonam, the annoyance done by Ma Tam Ru Ta, and effort of Dhorji sonam to get victory over Dhorji sonam and it is organized by chhyode Gumba which is a monastery of sakya-pa cult situated in Lomanthang. The dance performed on the first day is called ‘Tsa Chham’ and ‘Nga Chham is the dance performed on the second day while, one of the monks among three monks has to reside in isolation during winter to enact the character of Dhorji sonam on the third day. The dance performed on the third day is known as ‘Rha Chham’. There is a strong belief that the village gets rid-off evil spirits via the performances.

There will be maximum monks from nearby monasteries including fours sect of Buddhism (Nyingmapa, Kagyupa, Sakyapa and Gelupa). Beyond the annually monk ceremony upper mustang is rich in natural source and ancient autochthonous cultural as well. As we do trek one village to another village visiting interesting places cave and monastery like Chhunsi Kangchung cave, Ghar Gompa, Chhusang valley, Konchog Ling Cave Red cliff in Dhakmar, Chhoser Cave, John cave and Nifu cave and natural hot spring. There are optional way to reach Lomanthang and watch the elaborate Himalayan festival. Our tailored made itinerary will be based on your interest and physically fitness. Thus can choose either by 4-8 hours up and down trekking each day or 5-6 hours jeep drive on off-road or bicycling in the mountainous territory.

2018 Tiji Festival celebrating on 12th-14th May:
Tiji Festival trek is combined journey of nature, culture and religious spot. Each year hundreds of international tourist dragged by charming Himalayan cultural. 470 international tourist and hundreds of local watched Tiji festival in 2017. Finally 2018 Tiji Festival date is published and 3 days ritual festival beginning from 12th May and ending on 14th May at Lomanthang, Upper Mustang. So book your enchanted festival trip with Musical Adventure Trekking on advanced.

Note: Tiji festival voyage begins from Jomsom, we often walk along the jeep track that make trek route dusty as well but some section skip road and trek on alternative route as well.

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Nepal based trekking agency and specilized for trek and tour for Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet

Musical Adventure Trekking is government authorized license trekking company based in Kathmandu Nepal. We are specialized to organize outdoor activities likely Nepal tour, Nepal Trek, Peak Climbing in Nepal across the Nepal. Nepal, the enchanting country is best destination for ultimate adventure [...]

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