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10 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Tragus Piercing

After every piercing procedure, aftercare is very essential and can save you from prolonged pain and future doctor appointments. It is very important to follow the tragus piercing aftercare measures properly for a fast healing. The delicate aftercare procedure will take a month or two. Of course, after the said time period, you should still take care of piercing by regularly cleaning it but during the period, you should be more careful when handling the wound. The healing duration can depend on the skin type which may either be oily or dry, the capability of your body to heal as well disorders that can disrupt your metabolism such as diabetes wherein any wound or infection takes a longer time to heal.

Tips On How To Care For Your Tragus Piercing

Written below are the tips on how to care for your piercing after the procedure. 

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and make sure to dry them properly before proceeding with the other steps.   

2. Do not rotate your tragus studs immediately after the procedure. This might cause irritation as your piercing is just starting to heal.   

3. Keep the piercing clean and tidy. Use a clean cotton ball to clean the area with either alcohol or a saline solution. This cleaning procedure must be done in the morning and evening. 

4. Consider the jewelry put in the piercing might cause some irritation in the future. When the tragus piercing jewelry is too tight, loosed it up a bit. You can also opt to change the jewelry. If you are happy with the jewelry and its placement, clean the jewelry regularly too since it can cause a debris build-up as well. 

5. Make sure your bed sheets are clean to avoid irritations when sleeping. The pillow on which you rest your head should be cleaned and changed on a regular basis.   

6. Be cautious of yourself since you might have a tendency to pick on the wound or touch it every now and then. You should also refrain from peeling any kind of crusty formation such as scabs over the area. 

7. Use the loudspeaker option of your phone when answering calls. It is known that the phone is one of the dirtiest thing we own. It is subjected to all kinds of bacteria and therefore should be kept far away from the piercing as much as possible.   

8. Refrain from wearing earphones or when you can’t, just make sure that your earphones are clean. Just like the problem brought by phones, earphones can also lead to the transfer of bacteria to your tragus.   

9. Be weary of clothing that will most likely come into contact with the tragus area. Such clothing might lead to complication. Thus, collared shirts or pull-overs are a no-no for now. You can wear button shirts instead just to make sure that your tragus area is safe.   

10. Be mindful of hair products on your hair as this might come into contact with the tragus area.

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